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Ukessays Review – Offers, Promises, And Real Quality

Starting from 40$ per page
  • Various dicounts
  • Many payment options
  • Minimum Deadline - 4 hours
Ukessays.com got 3.2/5 based on 34 reviews
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UKEssays.com is an England-based company operating in the field of academic writing aid. It’s been working since 2003. Now, it is among the best-known writing services.

On its official website, you will find detailed information about the company’s history. This team seems to be open and transparent enough. It should be evidence of its reliability.

As for the quality the service delivers, it might seem controversial. On many feedback resources, we met all kinds of positive and negative reviews. There were praising words and complaints about both the quality and organization. Thus, the case seemed ambiguous. We decided to clarify it.

Meet the UKEssays overview. We tried to make it as comprehensive as possible and cover all the questions that might concern our readers.


When you come to UKEssays.com and want to check its prices, you will have the first unpleasant surprise. There isn’t a pricing page. Maybe, it has a different name? We navigated to the “Offers” section, considering that it logically relates to the services for pay. Still no luck. The only way to clarify the price is to submit all the details of your assignment and your requirements. Then the calculator will estimate the amount to pay.


It is inconvenient. You can’t estimate the general pricing at a glance. If you consider different orders, you need to re-enter the data each time anew. The calculating form is multi-staged. It all takes time, annoys, and does not seem like a user-friendly approach at all.

The next and even more unpleasant surprise is the price itself. We’ve researched dozens of writing services, but the UKEssays company beats them all. Its prices are sky-high. Just for a reference, a 3-page essay with a 14-day deadline (the cheapest option in other companies) costs 3 times more.

UKEssays.com allows customers to select the academic level. The system used is British, even if you study in the USA. You should convert those levels yourself. The website won’t help you.

One move on the customer is the opportunity to pay in parts. You can place 50% of the amount instead of prepaying the job in full. Considering the final amount, it is cold comfort.


With prices so high, the company should deliver some exciting service. The company claims it. We’ve noticed that it does not provide the standard option of selecting better-qualified writers. Instead, UKEssays.com states that they pick the best-matching person to perform each assignment captiously to find the best match.


So, we tested the quality by placing our order. We received the essay on-time – we set the 7-day timeframe. Overall, it was an appropriate task performance. The essay had an accurate structure and explored the resources we mentioned in the instructions as desirable. It also passed the plagiarism check successfully. However, it was academically correct, but nothing more.

You won’t complain about the result, as it would pass the standard quality and originality tests. If your professor evaluates this essay as average, well, it’s their personal grading criteria. It suits if your only goal is simply not to fail the assignment. However, it would hardly help you impress the tutors and boost your reputation. Besides, that essay of 1000 words cost $190. Other companies offer the same job 3 times cheaper.


UKEssays.com works under the prepaid model. For it to accept your order and start the work, you must prepay at least 50%. The payment means are more various. You can pay with the standard debit and credit Visa and Mastercard, and bank transfers. Also, UKEssays accepts the Chinese online payment means – WeChatPay and AliPay.


  • Originality;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Revisions;
  • GDPR-compliant.

How to Make an Order?

The ordering form is customizable. First, you configure it for your case precisely – the country of study, the type of service, the academic level, and the desired grade. UKEssays.com lets you select the A, B, or C-grades.

You need to describe the particular assignment. Choose the subject area, the size, and the deadline. At that stage, the company requires you to provide the minimum personal data – your name, email address, and phone number.


After that, the website will transfer you to the next stage with an extended ordering form. There, you can specify all the additional preferences and upload the instructions. Finally, you place your order.

This system lets you set the task requirements precisely. On the other hand, it makes the ordering process longer.

Online Reputation

Despite the long history of UKEssays, it does not enjoy tons of reviews. On TrustPilot, you will only see a dozen of customers’ feedbacks. More than half of them are negative.


SiteJabber reviews are mostly positive, but we’ve noticed the lack of recent reviews there. There are complaints about poor performance and underqualified writers. The service quality may have declined.

Pros and Cons


  • Mostly appropriate quality;
  • No plagiarism;
  • Various discounts;
  • Flexible payment means.


  • Prices are sky-high;
  • Pricing is unclear;
  • Inconvenient website;
  • No data about refunds;
  • No 24/7 support.


UKEssays is a company with excessively high prices, mostly average quality, and the most user-unfriendly website we’ve ever seen. There is a lot of text there, but you will have a tough time trying to dig up some useful information. We won’t recommend you using this service. You can find the same or better quality 3 times cheaper at the most reputable academic writing services.

FAQ – Additional Things Worth Your Attention

Here we’ve collected more information about UKEssays.com. It is impossible to fit all the issues in the review, so we examine them here.

Is it safe to use the UKEssays service?

Yes, this company cares about the users’ safety. They apply the digital protection means to the website. According to the official website, the team uses Amazon Web Services. It also passed the certification for the full ISO 27001 compliance. From what we can judge, the company secures all operations. You can be sure about your safety and confidentiality.

Does this team provides revisions?

There is the guarantee of free revisions. As they describe it on the website, users with complaints about the paper quality should contact the department responsible for amendments. There are contact details for each dedicated department and the names of every person in charge.

If you need a revision, you should apply within 7 days after the delivery and describe all the problems defined in detail. The company promises to respond as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it does not provide any other information about the revision service – we failed to find any details about the number of allowed free revisions or terms.

How can I get the money back if the results do not satisfy me?

UKEssays.com does not have a definite money-back policy. The only piece of information about refunds is in their FAQ section (that you won't find effortless). In general, they promise to return you the money if the paper they delivered did not earn you the promised grade. You can specify the desired grade when you place the order, and it influences the price.

If you get a worse grade than expected, you should place the refund request from within your account, using the Report a problem form. You have to attach the paper and the confirmation of the received grade. Also, you must provide the tutor's clarification on why they evaluated the work for that grade. Then, the company promises to investigate the issue. It does not mention any criteria or guarantees for that investigation.

Can I get assistance from the support managers?

You can contact the support managers, and they are most helpful. However, the customer support is not 24/7. If you call them during non-business hours, you won't get an answer. The company encourages its users to utilize the messaging form in the account. However, you will still have to wait until the next day if your message comes after the end of the current working day.

Does UKEssay offer discounts?

Yes, there are several discount programs. Promo campaigns take place time after time. For instance, there were special offers for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and some other occasions in the past. The company offers discounts for more extended deadlines, from the 5% discount for 14 days to the 10% discount for 28 days. Finally, there is a referral program suggesting up to 15% discounts for its participants.

Can I communicate with the writer directly?

This option is absent. UKEssay.com explains it by confidentiality concerns. Instead, they offer the users to send their messages via the dedicated form within their accounts. As the company claims, it is an intermediary between the customer and the writer. Thus, they will ensure to deliver all users' requests and comments to the performers and provide the writers' responses.

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