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Myassignmenthelp Review: Is This Service Worth Trying?

Starting from 9$ per page
  • "Bonus papers" (after making several orders)
  • Minimum Deadline - 3 Hours
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MyAssignmenthelp.com review

It is not a secret that many students regularly need help with writing assignments. Where there is a need, we’ll get the supply. The current field of academic writing for hire is robust enough to offer services for any demand. Unfortunately, frauds and poor performers take a significant share of this market, while students rarely have time to check every company or essay reviews companies.

It is the reason why I make reviews of popular writing services to test their quality and warn students from getting into trouble with the wrong people. This review is about the MyAssignmenthelp.com resource.


The first thing I need to mention is that MyAssignmenthelp.com has the most inconvenient pricing system I’ve ever seen. To start from, they don’t have any information about the prices open for all users on their website. To get to these data, you have to create an account and provide them a bunch of personal details. I find it extremely annoying and manipulating, especially if I only want to get some basic info.

After signing in, you can eventually get some data about the price you might need to pay. There is also a price calculator where you can estimate the amount by adding too many details. The majority of other services have much more convenient apps.

In general, the rate per page is considerably higher than most of the writing companies offer. Besides, there are price types for the different quality of papers – you can order the “C”-worth work if you wish. I doubt that you would, but they have this option.

There is one more thing that you need to know: they at MyAssignmenthelp.com calculate the number of words per page differently. While most of the writing companies define one page as 275 words, this company makes it 250 words. So, any of your work will cost you more, as it might get an additional page suddenly.

Needless to say, that such a pricing policy disappointed me. Perhaps, their “A”-promised papers for an insane price were worth the money spent? Unfortunately, it was not the case either.

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MyAssignmenthelp has a shallow profile for the quality of their texts. If you search the Web, you’ll find numerous complaints on the texts’ language choices and construction of sentences. There are all types of grammar errors, lack of exposition, and direct plagiarism.

One of the worrying factors is that they have an improper practice of ignoring the customers’ instructions. Even if you do your best to describe the task in as many details as possible, your efforts can be for nothing.


They support the same payment methods as most of the online writing companies. You can pay to MyAssignmenthelp.com with major debit and credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. PayPal is also an option.


The question of guarantees is complicated. MyAssignmenthelp.com claims that they provide you with the safety guarantees, money-back guarantees, and free revisions guarantees. At least two of them have serious issues.

  • Money-back guarantee is in fact absent. You won’t find a transparent policy with strictly specified conditions where you can demand and receive a refund. The only case is the technical error of double charge.
  • The confidentiality guarantee is doubtful. They do collect your personal information, and I found mentioned about blackmailing their customers.
  • Free revisions are during the month after the assignment is done

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How to Make an Order?

You must be a registered at MyAssignmenthelp.com user for that. The ordering process is similar to other companies’: you need to pass several steps to describe the task, and then make the payment.

MyAssignmenthelp.com Order form

Online Reputation

The Sitejabber and Trustpilot review platforms show an extremely large number of negative feedback. There are lots of dissatisfied customers with general complaints about the quality of the service. It looks that the aspect where MyAssignmenthelp.com is successful most of all is annoying people.

MyAssignmenthelp.com Customer reviews
MyAssignmenthelp.com Customer reviews

MyAssignmenthelp.com Customer reviews

Lots of criticism is towards the high level of plagiarism in the papers. Another common problem is ignoring the instructions – or the performers can’t fulfill the requirements. In many cases, there were significant delays in delivery. Their clients often get in trouble, as they don’t have time to refer to another, reliable service. 

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Pros and Cons

It is not so often that I can’t find arguments in favor of a company. Most of them do try to deliver the service and do their job. They may have problems with quality, delays, quick revisions, or promise you a distinctive paper but make it average at best. But they still have their pros.

The only advantage I can find for MyAssignmenthelp.com is their “bonus papers” that you can get for free after making several orders. It is a kind of benefit for loyal customers.


  • High prices don’t match the quality of papers;
  • Errors and plagiarism issues;
  • Threats of confidentiality breaches;


It is simple: don’t use MyAssignmenthelp.com. This service is too expensive, it has too many complications and troubles, and does not provide the required quality. Besides, it can be even dangerous to refer to this company as they collect sensitive data about their client, and you can’t get guarantees of your anonymity. It is not worth even trying it.

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FAQ: get more essential information

Can I get the information about MyAssignmenthelp services and prices without making an account?

They have an online chat on the website where visitors can get some information. However, it looks like there is a kind of a chat-bot for answering standard questions. If you need more accurate data, you will need an account. However, the “experts” working with registered users seem bots as well.

Is this Myassignmenthelp.com resource legit at all?

It is a legit company. Though I reviewed many expressively negative feedback on the Web, the company is not fraudulent. I have grave concerns about accusations of blackmailing, though, but I could not find any reliable evidence. So, I consider that this service does not break the law.

Why the prices are so high?

According to the official information, that is because they work with the most qualified authors. They claim their tutors have more than ten years of work in the teaching field. Unfortunately, they don’t provide more information or their writers’ profiles to evaluate their level of competence.

Is it possible to communicate with the selected authors directly?

They at Myassignmenthelp.com say that it is possible. However, according to the customers’ review, this option is, in fact, absent. They could not get in touch with their performers and even get updates about the status of the tasks.

Which types of papers do they provide?

The range is the same as other similar resources would offer. You can order all types of essays, reviews, lab reports, research papers, and more significant tasks like term papers and dissertations. It seems that more complicated assignments won’t interest them.

How can I estimate the price of my assignment?

You can only get in touch with their agents and describe the task and its conditions for them to calculate the approximate price.

Do they practice any hidden fees?

As I can judge, they don’t do this. A registered user can see all the components of the final price in the ordering form, and none of them is hidden. The users keep control over the price.

My work is plagiarized, how can I apply for a refund?

It is stated in the Myassignmenthelp official policy that you have to provide documented proof of the problem within 31 days after the delivery of the paper. For instance, you might have ordered the service with a “grace period” to have time to check and revise it if needed, and then the evaluation took more time. In this case, you would not be able to get a refund.

Is it safe to make payments on this website?

Yes, it is safe. The MyAssignmenthelp company takes care of secured connections and supports the central card systems like Visa and Mastercard. You can also use the PayPal transfer. So, you might not worry about your payment data being stolen or else.

Where is this company located?

On the website, they state that their country of origin is Australia, and they even provide an Australian toll-free phone number to contact the support managers. However, the majority of their authors come from India.