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Boomessays Review Honest Opinion

Starting from 13.00$ per page
  • Opportunity to make an urgent order
  • The company claims that regular customers receive good discounts
  • Minimum Deadline - 3 Hours
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Boomessays.com review

Today, students are eager to order many writing assignments online. This is a great opportunity to save your time. Boomessays.com is one of the popular sites that can be misleading. So I decided to do a little research, read the information on the website and make my own order to write an honest paper writing service review. You will find it below.


The pricing policy of this website is quite complicated. Students will definitely not find this decision a budget one. There are three criteria that affect the final cost: the number of pages, the academic level of the paper, and the deadline for completing the task. The cheapest offer available on this website is $ 13. This amount will seem to some students too large. After all, if you need an essay for a college of 5 pages, you will pay almost $ 75 and you will wait for your paper for two weeks. This is outrageously expensive!

Boomessays.com Prices


If you place an order and pay a lot of money, most likely you are counting on high quality. But in the course of my collaboration with Boomessays, I realized that they did not offer the level that they promised. My essay was written with significant lexical errors. It also contained plagiarism from several existing sources. The author simply copied some sentences without rewriting them.

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This is the only aspect where I did not find any significant problems. The deal goes as smoothly as possible. Of course, the company wants to get your money. Therefore, payment will be deducted from your account very quickly.


Each company that works with customers should provide them with some kind of guarantee. This is what helps you choose one writing service from several different offers. Let’s see what Boomessays guarantees are and whether they are true.

  • Money Back

The company promises that you can return your money if the quality of the text does not suit you. Perhaps they really do it, but the process is very long. Most users simply do not want to waste their time on this. You have to wait a very long time to get even $ 10.

  • Experienced writers

Boomessays claim to work only with professional writers. But when I received my essay, I realized that this was just a blatant lie. Professional writers simply cannot make so many mistakes, let alone plagiarism.

  • No Plagiarism

Another promise that was broken. I read reviews from other clients and made sure that all of them faced plagiarism in their papers.

How to Make an Order?

Go to the boomessays.com website homepage and you will immediately see a big yellow button with the words “Order now”. You need to fill out a form and provide as much information as possible about your essay. On the right, you will see the order card with the total cost. Click “Next Step” and the website will redirect you to pay.

Boomessays.com Order form

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Online Reputation

Why did I place an order on Boomessays? I was sure that these are cool guys! Therefore, I was very disappointed when I received a terrible text with plagiarism. I did a little research, read reviews on various independent platforms and understood the real picture. Here are some truthful reviews to help you make your own impression of this company.

Boomessays.com Customer reviews
Boomessays.com Customer reviews

Pros and Cons

Of course, each company has its pros and cons. I can’t say that Boomessays are 100% bad. Perhaps they are only 90% bad. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of this service that are important to consider.

  • Opportunity to make an urgent order. If you need the text now, you will receive it in 6 hours. Be prepared to pay more for such urgency.
  • Disc program. The company claims that regular customers receive good discounts. But I got a bad text and have no desire to become a regular customer.
  • Bad online reputation. There are a lot of fake reviews about Boomessays on the Internet. Those reviews that are real, talk about how bad they are.
  • Incompetent writers. Obviously, among their authors, there are many beginners and students who do not have much experience with different texts.
  • High prices. They ask for too much money for such a poor quality of service.

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Thus, I can argue that this is not a website that can be recommended to students. You can find much better deals for the price. And certainly, they will not provide you with the desired quality and A-grade at a college or university.

FAQ – Answers to your questions

How does website assign orders?

When you fill out the order form, you indicate the main aspects of your text. Write the number of pages, the topic of an essay or article, formatting requirements. If you have additional wishes, you can also indicate them. It is these criteria that help the service designate you as the appropriate author. Each writer has his own field of knowledge and level of experience. In other words, they promise that they will appoint you an author with the appropriate education and skills. In practice, the situation is different. Most likely, Boomessays distribute writers absolutely randomly or depending on their schedule. An ordinary student can write your essay without much academic success.

Can I chat with my writer?

Yes, many student services provide this opportunity. But you must understand that your writer is not a friend, but a professional. He or she will not spend his personal or working time talking about your essay. You can get a message and hope that you will be answered in the near future. But there is no such guarantee. This is actually even good. So, you can think that the author is busy writing someone’s text, and not communicating with clients. On the other hand, we all need a little attention.

Will be my essay complete on time?

Boomessays claim that they complete all assignments on time. There are absolutely no reasons that could provoke a delay. If you need an essay after 6 hours and you have provided all the necessary information, you will receive your essay after 6 hours. The main thing is to make sure that your contact details are correct, otherwise, you can skip the message from the author. This is what the website claims. I read a lot of bad reviews that talk about deadlines and serious delays for no important reason. Therefore, I do not know if this website can be trusted.

In any case, I always recommend placing an order in advance. So, you will have a margin of time in case of force majeure and proofreading.

Does Boomessays guarantee that my essay is 100% free of plagiarism?

They say that each author checks the text for uniqueness before sending it to a client. But my experience is completely the opposite. I ordered an essay for a college and it contained several sentences that were copied from another essay. Of course, I discovered this quickly. But many clients trust writers and immediately send the text to their professor. Do not do this if you are partnering with Boomessays! I informed my author about this error and he rewrote these proposals for free so that they became unique. But no one returned the money to me and did not compensate for this. I find this unacceptable for a website with professional authors. This is an absolutely amateurish level. They didn’t even have to rewrite other people’s sentences; I can do it myself. They should have sent me 100% unique content.

Can I order an article for my blog?

Yes, you can order an article for your blog. The main thing is to be extremely careful. University essays, dissertations, abstract statements can be quite general. They have specific academic requirements. A blog article is another. The author must understand your style in order to write a text on your behalf. His task is not to get a good mark, but to attract more readers and subscribers. I’m not sure that Boomessays can provide you with the appropriate quality.

What other services does the Boomessays offer?

Many writing websites position themselves as student services. They offer essay writing, term papers, laboratory reports, and other assignments from high schools, colleges, and universities. But this website does not only work with students. You can order an article for your blog, as well as a resume if you are looking for work. On the one hand, it is very good that they offer more services than other websites. On the other hand, questions remain regarding the quality of these papers. You can get a C-grade at the university but you definitely don’t want to be left without work because of a poor resume and cover letter.