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PapersOwl.com Review: My Personal Experience

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If you are a student, you probably often come across a variety of writing assignments. Today there are many sites that offer help with similar tasks. One of them is PapersOwl.com. I know that not all such websites are trustworthy, so I checked this service for you. Read my opinion below.


PapersOwl.com is one of those websites that do not use a fixed price for their services. In fact, this is a trading platform where writers can find customers and offer their personal prices.

Papersowl.com Prices

Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you have to wait a long time for the author with a good offer. Every writer here wants to earn money and knows that he can find customers willing to pay for this service.

If you want PapersOwl.com to select an author for you automatically, you also have to pay extra for this. Such a service will cost from $ 10.

And, of course, there are no discounts for regular customers. Users can participate in the referral program and receive money on their balance for each new friend who makes an order here. But are you ready to recommend this website to your friends?


When you choose a suitable author and see their applications with prices, you think that those authors who want to earn more offer better texts. The creators of the site claim that they work only with native English speakers, people who have a master’s or doctoral degree. When I received my essay, I realized that I was very wrong. I paid a lot of money, but my essay is really bad. He was definitely not written by a man with a doctorate. Most likely this is a foreigner who teaches English. My personal essay that was written by PapersOwl does not contain plagiarism or other blunders, but it is definitely not worth the money.

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My payment at PapersOwl was quick and without any difficulties. Hope they use various schemes to ensure customer safety.


PapersOwl.com claims to care about customers and offer some guarantees. Below you will find a list of them.

  • Money Back. If your paper is bad and you want to get your money back, you can do it. The company provides customers with 20-30 days to fill out a request for a refund. You need to prepare a written request, as well as attach documentary evidence that your paper does not meet the promised standards.
  • Revision Policy. Each user who received bad text can send a request for 3 free revisions.

Online Reputation

There are many different reviews of the PapersOwl.com service available on the Internet. I attach some of them.

Papersowl.com Customer reviews
Papersowl.com Customer reviews

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Pros and Cons

PapersOwl.com has its advantages and disadvantages. I cannot unequivocally claim that this is a fraudulent site that needs to be closed. Still, much here depends on the specific author. Here is the list of pros and cons that I have compiled:

  • Ability to choose a writer. You can study different offers and choose an author with conditions that seem attractive to you. A fixed price does not always justify itself.
  • Compliance with deadlines. I received my essay on time.
  • Too high prices. The company does not control the price list of its authors. Some writers really ask for a lot and the student has to spend his limited budget.
  • False reviews. I read various reviews on the Internet and realized that many of them are fake. PapersOwl.com specifically writes good reviews to attract customers.
  • Incompetent writers. I can’t say anything about all the authors, but my writer certainly does not have the necessary education and skills to write student essays.
  • Plagiarism. This is not just bad. It’s outrageous! My essay contains plagiarism. This means that if I were a student, I would have no chance of a good grade. Many universities even expel students for plagiarism. Writing services are required to avoid this.


My opinion about PapersOwl is pretty negative. I got a really negative experience. If I were a student, my academic reputation would be ruined. University professors are very strict about the quality of an essay. A large number of errors and plagiarism is simply unacceptable. Plagiarism is not permissible at all. Perhaps my author was bad, and other writers are good. But I read the reviews of different clients and I understand that there are many incompetent authors.

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FAQ – Answers to your questions

How can I make an order?

This is a very simple process. On the right side of the website, you will find a large orange button with the text “Order Now”.

First of all, you need to decide on the category and type of paper. Fill out the form and indicate as many requirements as possible so that the author understands what you need. Also do not forget to leave your contact details. After the order is published, the authors will be able to familiarize themselves with it and make their bid. Get some offers, study each and make a choice. After that, you will need to pay for the order. The author will immediately begin to work. The writer will receive the money only then provide you with a ready-made text that meets all the requirements.

Who are the writers?

PapersOwl claims to work only with trusted writers. They say that they have several stages of verification in order to provide clients with only the best authors. But judging by my personal experience and the experience of customers who leave negative reviews, the situation does not meet expectations. I do not know how the authors bypass the check and whether this check really exists. But I can definitely say that this website works with bad writers.

Is my personal data confidential?

The personal data of all customers is strictly encrypted. Writers and other third parties do not gain access to them. This means that you cannot worry about your privacy. But they easily break their other promises, which means they can break that too. Therefore, I would advise you to use a fake name during registration and take care of the reliable protection of your bank card. Ask the bank to check your every payment before making it. So, you will feel more comfortable.

How long will they write my essay?

PapersOwl works with different deadlines. When you fill out the order form, you indicate the date and time when you should receive the essay. If the author makes his bid, it means that he or she agrees with your deadline. They can also send you a message with clarifications. But if you did not receive any message and did not agree on another day, then you will receive your essay on the date that you indicated initially. Unfortunately, many clients write that the writers of this service hold up their papers. Therefore, if you still make an order here, I recommend that you add a few days to the desired date. Then you will be sure that you will receive an essay or other paper on time. In addition, you will have time for proofing to make sure there are no mistakes and plagiarism.

What services does PapersOwl.com offer?

This company offers three basic services for customers. This is writing, rewriting and editing. They will write an essay, research paper, course paper, dissertation or laboratory report for you. If you have a ready-made text, send it so that the authors can read the paper and make their changes. Also, having studied the website, you will see that various writing tools are available here. This is a check for plagiarism, a quote generator, a cover page maker and others. It is truly commendable that the creators of the website care about customers and offer a variety of additional services. But I think it’s always better to focus on quality, not quantity. You can make the cover page yourself if your essay is written really well. But if it is bad and you paid for this money, it is unlikely that something can save the situation.

Is there a guarantee that papers don’t contain any plagiarism?

Of course, the company claims that all of its texts are 100% free from plagiarism. They even have their own verification tool. Sure, they cannot tell you: yes, we write texts with plagiarism! Apparently, it does not work, because many customers on the Internet are complaining about the presence of plagiarism. Therefore, there are no guarantees here, you should be prepared for this if you place your order and pay money. Be sure to check your text before sending it to the professor.