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Unbiased Edusson.com Review

Starting from 23$ per page
  • The price can be very low if you choose the lowest bid
  • Minimum Deadline - 3 Hours
Edusson.com got 1/5 based on 71 customer reviews.
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Edusson.com is a writing service, well-known by many students while they offer a wide range of academic papers. That site belongs to Boosta that runs hundreds of other essay writing sites the names of which you will easily recognize.

Edusson.com review

This essay writing service review will tell you more about Edusson so you can conclude whether you need and want to use their services or not.


This part is one of the most inconvenient ones. You cannot know their price on the site. They have a system of bids. So the price of your paper depends on the writers’ bids. Frankly speaking, I feel much more comfortable when I can see the prices at once on the site.

But such a process takes a bit more time. But there is good news while you may not bid and wait for your writer. You may simply ask them to assign you one. But this service costs $9.99. It doesn’t seem much and you can avoid picking a bad writer.

Edusson.com Order form

However, there is also no warranty they will assign you a good and professional one. Moreover, they do not offer any discounts just because their prices are not fixed.


My experience with Edusson.com cannot be called a successful one. Yep, I got my paper on time, no worries. But I have too many doubts about the quality and professionalism of their writers. First of all, I wonder whether my essay was written by a native English-speaker because it contained too many mistakes that cannot be made by a person who was born and lives in an English-speaking country.

Secondly, I’ve checked it with a random plagiarism checker online and was shocked while no one even cared to write a unique paper for me. I’ve found other complaints about their plagiarized papers online. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who suffered. Their positive and perfect reviews seem to be fake.

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The payment options are rather poor on the Edusson site. They accept nothing but VISA and MasterCard. It is good for those who used to pay with their credit cards, however, a bit old-schooled while PayPal and other options are much more convenient and safe.


Edusson.com offers some guarantees, like any other paper writing service, including:

  • Plagiarism-free essays. I have already explained why it is not true;
  • Money-back policy. Yes, you can claim for a refund in case you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper. But keep in mind, you have only 3 days to do that and only with proofs that the quality of your paper is really low (plagiarism and other scans, etc.). For comparison, lots of other services offer a 14-days claim period;
  • Free revision. You have 3 days in total to claim for your free revision after you received your order. Necessary to admit that they are not that responsive when it comes to money-back or free revision, so you may fail to submit your paper on time or simply submit it with all those mistakes and typos.

How to Make an Order?

The ordering system on the Edusson site is a bit frustrating while waiting for the writers’ bids is time-consuming, better to pay 10 USD and get your writer sooner. Other than that, everything is standard, you just must submit all the details of your order and wait for the writers’ bids. After you complete a payment, they start working on your paper.

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Online Reputation

The online reputation of Edusson.com is contradictory. Some of the reviews are too perfect which makes me doubts whether they are real, taking into account my experience. But lots of people complain about the low quality of the content and writers, which I can believe is true.

Edusson.com Customer reviews
Edusson.com Customer reviews

I believe the site doesn’t check what their writers actually write and do with your paper. Plagiarism is a very unpleasant bonus and I could see I was not the only one who faced that problem.

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Pros and Cons


  • The writer is assigned within 3 hours only if you pay around 10 USD;
  • The price can be very low if you choose the lowest bid.


  • Very time-consuming to wait for the bids of writers;
  • Poor content quality;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Non-English speaking writers.


Based on everything mentioned above, I cannot recommend the Edusson paper writing service while my time is precious for me and the quality of the papers and my grades are the most crucial factors for me which cannot be guaranteed by that company.

FAQ: Answers to the popular questions

Who will be my writer?

Edusson.com claims that your paper is written only by a professional writer who has a degree in a related field and is a native English-speaker. You can choose your writer by their bids or pay about $10 to get your writer assigned by the company.

But taking into account the quality of the papers, it is easy to understand that the writers are not native English-speakers and it is impossible to check their diplomas as well.

Does Edusson.com take care of my confidentiality?

Yes, the site is owned by Boosta, the company running lots of other popular paper writing services. All their sites are highly protected and your personal, neither payment information, will be disclosed to the third party.

Are papers plagiarism-free?

Unfortunately, not all papers are plagiarism-free as it is claimed on the Edusson.com site. According to the users’ experience, lots of texts were plagiarized and not written from scratch as promised.

It may mean that they use previous works for their new papers. Although the site promises 100% unique essays, the cases of plagiarism are too frequent.

Is Edusson.com a reputable service?

The Edusson paper writing service belongs to the big company running all the most popular paper writing services and some of them are very well-known to every student. The number of their reviews on different sites is impressive, as well as the number of customers’ reviews on their own site.

No doubt they have been operating for a while and gained their customers now. However, the reviews are very contradictive and most of the positive ones have been probably written by themselves.

Can I become one of their writers?

Yes, definitely. Right on their site, Edusson.com posts an announcement that everyone willing to become a writer can become a part of their team after proving their qualification. The requirements are not very clear and are, most likely, to be told after personal contact and an interview.

All those who want to try and earn some money with writing academic papers can try and apply to that site and try their luck.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes, in fact, like any other paper writing service, Edusson has a clear money-back policy and in case you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you can ask for a free revision or a refund.

However, the refund terms are very frustrating. They give you only three days to apply for your money back and only if you submit clear profs of the low quality. They also say that money that has been released for a completed project is not to be refunded.

How much does my paper cost?

Another part of the Edusson.com that is pretty frustrating is their pricing policy. The bad news is that there are no clear prices on the site and you cannot calculate the cost of your paper beforehand because you have to choose among the writers’ bids.

But the good news is that you can choose the lowest bid and then your paper will be relatively cheap. Of course, the fewer pages you need to be written and the longer your deadline is, the cheaper your paper will be.

Is it legal to use Edusson.com?

Yes, don’t worry, using paper writing services is not prohibited by law and is absolutely legal. Another question is whether you will be satisfied with the services received and whether it won’t be a waste of time and money. But you can easily order a paper with them or any other paper writing service without being concerned about whether your actions are legit.