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PayForEssay Review Of Quality And Affordability

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PayForEssay.net has been around for a long time and is well versed in the academic paper business. Therefore, we decided to analyze the company, from the interface to the online reputation. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, the site developers claim that they work only with experienced writers and ENL graduates. How can ENL writers work for such low pay? 

Their reputation is pretty dubious. Sometimes you can find favorable reviews, and sometimes students accuse the company of fraud. During our research, we looked at many reviews, and they all can confuse the student. Reviews are left by students who have never used the services for money. That is, the company cares about its reputation. Therefore, if you, like us, do not trust such students’ feedback, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our review based on real assessment criteria. Find out what you can expect about working with PayForEssay.

Interface Overview

The first thing we looked at was the “About Us.” The section indicates that the company has been actively helping students cope with academic problems for 12 years. Initially, their main task was to assist in the writing of dissertations. However, students’ requests increased, and therefore, they expanded the list of services and began to cooperate with writers who create essays, research papers, coursework, and cases.

Today the company’s team includes over 3000 writers. They claim that for research, dissertations, they hire Ph.D. writers and master’s degree authors to create other scientific papers. On the payforessay.net website, you can find sample works. Having studied them carefully, we noticed several blunders. For each article, the authors compiled a list of used literature. However, we were disappointed to see these resources. Almost 90% of books are out of date. The writers do not hide the fact that they use Wikipedia. Is this how ENL professionals and graduates work? We don’t think so.

Professional writers, or someone with a doctorate, knows that scientific articles are prohibited from using resources over five years old. If this site provides you with such papers, you should not count on A +, even if the formatting is perfect. It would also help if you understood that the samples that the company provided are their best work. In practice, the texts look different, and you should not trust such samples. Even if the authors forget about such a detail in the example, they may fail you with other tasks.



The main question that worries all students – does PayForEssay.net work legally? To give you an honest answer, we have studied the guarantees that the site provides. Service developers often focus on the fact that a native English speaker will write the text. The company also provides free text editing for 14 days. However, writers will be able to edit the text, provided that the content does not correspond to the topic or some mistakes are made. They will not add information since you did not indicate this in the order.

We decided to check if PayForEssay.net guarantees freedom from plagiarism. This is one of the few sites that cannot be 100% sure about the paper’s quality. They do not claim that there is plagiarism in the text. However, the service assures that the percentage of plagiarism does not exceed 5%. Writers believe that this percentage is suitable for such work as a dissertation, term paper, research. But teachers, who do not tolerate plagiarism so much, will hardly accept the article.

The company also does not guarantee that it will deliver the document on time. Even the writers themselves admit that they sometimes miss a deadline. Graduates of ENL would not allow this. The company provided a rating that indicated that 3% of students did not receive their documents on time. They did not give real reasons. Therefore, you should not trust a company that ignores the deadline for writing a project. Is PayForEssay.net legal? Not. There are too many moments that cause mistrust.

Types of Papers

PayForEssay is a company that writes the most typical academic papers. Unfortunately, they do not provide creative services. Also, the support service said that it was not ready to help create those papers that are not included in their services. The company provides regular papers that you can order from other writing platforms at a lower cost than payforessay.net.


Ordering Process

The ordering process is quite extraordinary and raises many questions. We’ve reviewed many sites and seen many order forms. Some of the forms were simple and affordable. The form provided on this site looks very inconvenient and contains many unnecessary details that you must fill out. You will be asked to specify the type of paper, level – college, school, university, number of pages, and deadline. Then the company collects personal information, ostensibly to improve the functionality of the site. However, they do not accept any responsibility for their storage. Then why collect this information and expose students to risk? Support did not explain this.


Also, the company itself chooses such features as a TOP writer and SMS notification. The company wants you to choose the best writer who is worth significantly higher and thereby increase your earnings. Also, these functions increase the cost of the article by 30-40%. The company intervenes in selecting a client and makes its changes contrary to their policy of use. We are confident that the company is trying to lure more money out of the student without thinking about the paper’s quality. The company’s strategy is dubious, as it forces you to choose expensive services.


The cost of paperwork on the PayForEssay website is high, and not every student can afford to pay for a writer’s services. The pricing policy is not the lowest on the market, writing service providers. Leading companies are ready to assist at a lower cost. If you have two weeks and need to order an essay, then prepare $ 13.18 per page. If you need to write an article very quickly, then prepare about $ 40 per page. The company is not ready to provide cheap assistance, although it says otherwise. The company also provides a 10% discount on the first order, so apply it before placing your order. In this case, you will benefit greatly and will be able to order cheap paper.


We can say with confidence that an ENL graduate did not make the paper provided to us. The writer knows the field of English and understands the topic, but made lexical, grammatical mistakes. The company claims to be well versed in academic papers, but the fiasco is battered. We did not ask the writer to edit the text, as we wanted to determine the authors’ level of education. Based on the results, we made sure that the author’s skills are far from ENL. Most likely, the company employs freelancers instead of native English speakers.

Online Reputation

The company’s online reputation is distrustful. There are many positive and negative reviews. We are inclined to the fact that students write positive reviews for money. Honest reviews look different:


Pros and Cons


  • Nice discounts.


  • The company is lying that it hires ENL writers.
  • They overpriced pricing policy.
  • Samples with outdated sources.
  • Questionable reputation and bad reviews.
  • Additional features that increase the order value.


Summing up, we can say that the services provided by PayForEssay are of poor quality, and students should not trust the company. Never trust the reviews that are on the service. Look at examples, price, charges. Evaluate all criteria – we do not recommend cooperating with payforessay.net.

FAQ About PayForEssay – For Doubting Students

Is Pay For Essay Legal?

The company does not provide any guarantees. The service does not promise to deliver the document on time, the originality of the article, or a refund for its poor quality. Most likely, the company operates illegally.

Is PayForEssay cheating?

The company does provide academic paper writing services. However, the company is lying to be hired by ENL writers. The text contains many gross mistakes that a professional writer would not have made.

Is PayForEssay a reliable site?

For students whose professors are not too demanding on paperwork, the service can be of great help. But writers can let down college and university students because documents are not always delivered on time.

Is it safe to work with PayForEssay?

The company provides an unlimited number of applications for text editing. But does this make sense if the company misses the deadlines for submitting documents and allows plagiarism in the text? If you want to get A +, then you shouldn't contact payforessay.net.

Can I Trust PayForEssay?

Based on feedback from other students, the company has a bad reputation. The main problem faced by clients is poor English. You cannot trust freelancers who do not know the rules of the English language.

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