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Review Of Paperwritings.com – Is It A Trustworthy Service?

Starting from 10$ per page
  • Big variety of services
  • Discount code for order over $500
  • Minimum Deadline - 10 days
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Paperwritings is another writing service where you can order various kinds of papers for your study. It works for ten years and has gained some reputation online. You may be worrying if paperwritings is a fraud? You can decide it while reading this review. A little spoiler – it’s definitely not the best writing service. If you don’t want to edit your paper several times, find plagiarism in it and pay for it a lot of money, then you should think carefully before ordering a paper on paperwritings.com.  

Prices and Fees

The price for one page depends on the writing level. Undergraduate writing level costs $10 per page, Bachelor level starts from $16 per page, and Professional grade writing will cost you $19.

  The deadline affects the price of writing – if you set a short deadline, your price will be much higher. Prices there are average, but nevertheless, they don’t match poor quality, which we are going to discuss next. If you are looking for discounts, you won’t find any paperwritings discount code. They have only two options of discounts – 5% off if your order exceeds $500 and 10% off if it costs more than $1000. Title page and plagiarism check you have for free.


Let’s talk about the most important part of the writing service – the quality of its papers. There are a lot of negative comments online, complaining about the illogical structure of essays, research papers, dissertations, and other works by paperwritings.com. Customers say that writers frequently misunderstand topics of require papers, or they just not qualified enough to write them. Also, pay attention to the sources mentioned in their writings. References happen to be not trustworthy and random.

  We ordered a law dissertation to check Paperwritings quality. First of all, they have no examples of their works on the website, so it felt like buying a pig in a poke. So we got what we got. Here are some negative moments we found about our order:

  • the language and literacy of the dissertation was poor
  • the list of used sources was short and seemed unreliable
  • we paid for the title page, even though it had to be free
  • some parts of work were plagiarized

Plagiarism – the worst point of this list. Students can be expelled from college for it, so it’s very risky to order a dissertation on paperwritings.com. 

Is Paperwritings legal? 

Paperwritings.com guarantees you a providing a plagiarism-free paper. But their guarantees seem to be nothing, due to reviews of cheated customers. Customer support promises you that they use WebCheck software to avoid plagiarism, but is it a real service? Probably, not. It looks like they are just trying to fraud their customers, pretending to use non-existent software.

  What about a money refund? You can get it if the quality assurance managers confirm that your order wasn’t made in the right way. If they think that your pretensions are an empty sound, you will not get your money back. It’s not a good service at all.

How to make an order

The process of ordering a paper is pretty simple. You provide the information about what kind of paper you need, the academic level of it, the number of pages, and sources. Also, you can choose a writer for your order. There are many extra offers, such as plagiarism report, VIP service, premium writer. But prices for them are extra too. 

Online reputation 

If you search for paperwritings feedback, you will find both good and bad reviews. When you go on another site, for example, SiteJabber, you will see a different picture. People give a lot of negative feedback about this service, complaining about plagiarism in their orders, poor quality, and unprofessional writers. More than half of the reviews are negative, so we wouldn’t trust Paperwritings on this point. 

Pros and cons of Paperwritings.com


  • Big variety of services 
  • Discount code for order over $500 


  • High prices (from $16 for college-level) 
  • Cases of plagiarism 
  • Poor quality of writings
  • Mistakes in formatting and structure 

Still not clear? Come to us – college paper writing service reviews.

We also have a complete step by step Grabmyessay reviews for beginners, that will help you get started.


We can’t recommend Paperwritings as a good writing service. You can find more professional writers for the same money. Cases of plagiarism make this service unreliable and even dangerous for your reputation as a student.

FAQ: Answers to your important questions

Who are the writers?

Paperwritings promise you that your work will be written by professionals with good experience. But according to the quality of papers, it can’t be true. Writers can’t handle the logical structure of a simple essay. Also, the price for essay and dissertation is the same, even though the dissertation is a way more complicated assignment. That means they have the same writers for all the types of works, no specific experts.

Is my personal information safe?

Paperwriters.com ensures you that it is. They claim to protect your privacy, so one will know your name or payment data. But the whole service seems too unreliable. They promise to provide plagiarism-free papers. Do they? No. Therefore, you should be careful while putting your personal data on this website.

Is there any plagiarism in Paperwritings works?

Yes, according to reviews online. People find copied materials in their papers that were not mentioned in the reference list. Quotes with no sources can be considered as plagiarism. Also, if writing contains links on wrong sources, it’s definitely not right. If you want to save your reputation as a student, you better avoid this service. Otherwise, your essay or dissertation won’t be accepted, and you can be expelled from your college.

What does Paperwritings.com offer?

There is a list of standard services. You can order any type of academic assignment, set a deadline, and they will send it to you with the title page, and required formatting. They provide plagiarism checks for free, but the quality of it is questionable. You can choose a writer or get VIP service for extra money. Nevertheless, every offer seems overprices, according to the quality of execution.

How long do I have to wait for my order?

You can set a deadline by yourself. But remember, that shorter deadline will cost you extra money. Nevertheless, there are some comments online about writers being late on their deadlines. It is a really unprofessional feature for the writing service. So, if you want to be sure you receive your order on time, add a couple of days to your deadline. Also, many customers had to edit their papers due to bad quality of them. Keep this in mind too.

Can I rely on customer support?

You can talk to customer support service using chat. The operator will answer your questions and help you with your problems. But until the time you have some complaints. In this case, you won’t get any support; they will speak to you pretty confrontation. It seems like the only goal of customer support is to sell you something, not to help you for real. They don’t agree to admit their mistakes, and it makes this service not trustworthy.

Is paperwritings.com legit?

There is not much information on their website. We can’t see who the writers are, we can’t see any examples of writings neither. It seems to be legit, but it’s not a trustworthy service. They praise themselves on the website, but online reviews say the opposite. With cases of plagiarism, missed deadlines, and no information about writers, you can’t actually trust paperwritings.com.

How can I get a refund?

Well, it’s not easy. You have to prove to the quality assurance managers that your order is bad quality, otherwise, you won’t get your money back. Also, you will not get it if you have already approved your order.

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