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PaperNow.org Review – First Impression

Starting from 10.8$ per page
  • Navigable website
  • Low prices
  • Minimum Deadline - 1 hour
Papernow.org got 2.3/5 based on 23 customer reviews.
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PaperNow.org is a company that provides customized student paper writing services for money. The site was developed by Ukrainian e-commerce representatives WritePerfect LTD. The company’s primary goal is to help students of schools, colleges, and universities write academic texts. The team has more than 1,200 writers and, according to the company, they are all experts in various subjects and sciences.

Many students doubt the quality of the services provided by the Ukrainian company. Students do not understand how Ukrainian writers who do not understand English language rules can create an academic paper. For this reason, we decided to evaluate PaperNow.org and understand how proficiently the authors understand the English language.

PaperNow.org claims that the authors are committed to provide professional advice for all students looking to improve their writing skills. The writer is also ready to help with ready-made articles – to evaluate the content, correct mistakes, format the paper. To ensure the accuracy of the information provided, we conducted thorough research. The first thing we noticed was the connection with another service called GradeMiners. But we will talk about this later. Let’s take a look at the quality of services first.

Site Interface

As we noted, PaperNow.org is the development of WritePerfect LTD. If you have ordered academic papers on several occasions, you probably know that companies such as GradeMiners, MasterPapers, SameDayEssay, and PayForEssay are also under the leadership of WritePerfect LTD. However, PaperNow.org previously existed separately and did not depend on the sister sites. The fact is that the site developed poorly and therefore needed experienced experts capable of promoting the services.

Immediately, we note that the site is no different from other written services. We compared two sites – PaperNow and GradeMiners. We noticed that the sites’ interfaces are the same during the analysis, and even the number of services is similar. The site developers did not think about the functionality of the service and did not change some points. They are so similar that an average student would not find the differences and think that this is the same company.

The company owns several services – no, that’s not bad. But dealing with several sites at the same time is very difficult to cope with for many years. For example, executives may not always select professional writers, or some authors may be paid for poor quality papers. A company needs to develop its business, but in what way it does not matter.

WritePerfect LTD runs several sites and is not up to the task. Although the company was one of the first to help students write academic papers, the team could not establish a good pricing policy, create quality paperwork, and hire professional writers.



Site pricing differs from sister services. PaperNow has a significantly lower price point relative to sites operated by WritePerfect LTD. However, when comparing the pricing policy to all the sites that provide writing services, the company set high prices. The price depends on how urgently it is necessary to write the paper. The price also depends on the type of document. If you are in no rush and have a week, you can order paper for $ 13.28. If you only have a few hours, then you need to pay $ 36.22 for the paper. Other writing services have set more loyal prices. We also noticed that the company buys ads on Facebook and YouTube to increase traffic and attract customers to the site. Can advertising fix bad paper or overpricing? Of course not. No matter how hard the company tries, they are very far from the market leaders’ quality level.


The first thing that can give at least some hint of safety is the enterprise’s official registration. The company also has an office. The second is an order fulfillment contract.

This is where the guarantees end. We ordered the papers, and it turned out that not everything was so smooth with the plagiarism, and the writer delayed the deadlines for several days. Therefore, they lie that they deliver the papers on time and their text does not contain plagiarism.

Online Reputation

Since the company is rather dubious, we decided to take a more in-depth look at the site and determine what other students think of the service. We were hoping to find real facts that indicated that PaperNow.org is another site trying to make money from students. The official website registration date falls on 2016-2017. There is no exact information about this on the site, and you can find this information only on WhoIs.com.

However, the first reviews of the site began to appear only in 2020. The first sites that published reviews were SiteJabber and TrustPilot. We hoped to find real reviews from students using PaperNow.org and were very disappointed with what we saw. Based on the reviews, the site is popular with students. More than half of the reviews were positive, but this is false. Most likely, the site paid to write reviews. But we did find some honest reviews:


We did not stop the research and decided to get to the bottom of the truth. The site Rankmywriterprovides a lot of feedback on sites that WritePerfect LTD owns. We were able to figure out that this site is fake and designed by WritePerfect LTD to write extremely positive reviews about writing services. This is a red flag for us because cooperating with a service that deals with fraud are always a risk and fear of being deceived. Lying is the only service they know 100% of.

What Are Search Engines Showing?


Companies that run multiple writing services simultaneously are not always bad, and sometimes they get excellent results. However, this is not about WritePerfect Ltd. The company takes care of making money, and they need to attract as many customers as possible. Students who are knowledgeable about the quality of services will hardly trust them. Because the written site spreads false reviews through their sites, they managed to trick the search engines. Based on the rating, the company managed to take a leading position in such services. Sites such as GradeMiners, SameDayEssay are also included in the top 20 sites on Google. They are all owned by WritePerfect Ltd. It seems that the company cares about search engine results, but not about paper quality.

Pros and Cons


  • The company cares about its reputation and occupies a leading position in the Google search engine.
  • WritePerfect LTD has been around since 2005 and therefore knows how to manage marketing strategy.


  • The work’s quality is below average – there are grammatical, lexical, punctuation errors in the text.
  • The company sets a high price policy for their services, leaving the student without any benefits. This is perhaps the greatest disappointment.
  • The site is very similar to other writing services.


Our experience with this service is not the best. However, you have different possibilities to contact the manager to place an order. The site quickly estimates the value of the paper, but the authors create the low-quality article. Constant checking and editing did not give any hope to get it on time and in proper quality. Therefore, the author delayed the deadline and framed us. If we were real students, we would never partner with PaperNow.org again.

FAQ About PaperNow.org – Just the Information You Need

What is PaperNow.org?

It is a company that has been providing writing services for over ten years. The team has 600 writers. PaperNow.org writes papers on a variety of topics, sciences, and subjects.

What are the main services of a writing website?

Writers help students in schools, colleges, universities. They write essays, dissertations, coursework, bibliography, business plans, and other academic papers. The company also helps to edit already finished articles.

What guarantees does the company provide?

The company promises to adhere to all the rules for the formation and structuring of the text. However, their task is to attract as many clients as possible and increase earnings. The only true guarantees are secure payments, 24/7 online support, free editing.

How to place an order on the website?

To place an order, you must fill out a special form or contact the support service. The company needs such data: the type of work, the number of pages, the deadline for the work, the requirements of the educational institution.

However, to confirm the order, payment must be made, which is not always convenient for the student.

What are the payment methods?

Unfortunately, you will have to pay in advance. You can pay for services only with a Visa or MasterCard. There are no other payment methods available through online wallets.

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