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Myperfectwords.com Review – Our First Impression

Starting from 15$ per page
  • Good support
  • Navigable website
  • Attractive design
  • Minimum Deadline - 12 hours
Myperfectwords.com got 3/5 based on 24 reviews.
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In this review, we started our acquaintance with the site interface. The colors are very gloomy, boring – black, white, blue. The site lacks bright colors. However, navigating the site is easy. You can find out about authors, see examples of writers, find out how the site calculates the price and what customers think of it. By the way, the reviews provided on myperfectwords.com are only positive, which made us very alarmed. We wondered if writers have all the writing skills, are the teachers or scientists with degrees? To give an accurate answer, we analyzed the site and put together an honest review.



Myperfectwords is a site that creates many academic assignments. Once on the site, you can see eight sections: assignments, essays, dissertations, research papers, term papers, other custom writings, thesis writing, editing, and proofreading. The service aims to help students of different academic levels. Every student can get help, no matter how creative the assignment may be.

The service has a pretty specific function that makes us doubtful. The company allows students to select American writers with bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degrees. However, we cannot be 100% sure that you will work with professionals because it did not provide writers’ education documents. Yes, you can choose an author who you think has the right skills and work potential. However, the entire responsibility lies with you. MyPerfectWords.com assures students that they are ready to format the document by MLA, APA, or CMS styles. But customers say the opposite (below, you will find reviews).

Discounts and Pricing


Many writing companies have hidden service fees. That is, after you receive the document, the author may demand more money than you previously agreed. Myperfectwords.com claims that it does not allow such situations and does not require customers to pay more than previously agreed. To make sure how true this information is, we conducted a pricing policy analysis.

By going to the Price section, you will notice a 50% discount on all types of papers at any time of the year. However, this is just a marketing ploy, as the discounts attract the attention of buyers. Even without a discount, you have to pay a lot. For example, a college student must pay $ 36 for one page of an essay that the author will write in 8 days. If there are several such pages, then the amount is very large, so the student will not save even using a discount.

The company calculates prices based on academic categories:

  • High school.
  • College / university.
  • Masters.
  • Ph.D.

Indeed you are worried about whether there is any other discount, besides the tempting 50%? Since there is no such information, we contacted support. We write that we want to order two papers and get a discount. However, the agent indicated that a discount has already been provided on the site, regardless of how much paper we order. When asked why these discounts work consistently and how the company forms them, the agent did not answer. We concluded that current prices and discounts provided on the site do not affect the cost of paper in any way. It is profitable for the company to attract customers and earn as much as possible.

The website states that Comodo Secure protects all payment transactions. The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, as well as American Express, Discover Network. There are not many opportunities for a student to pay for the paper.

Order Form


The service provides a simple order form but collects a lot of unnecessary information. The first step is to provide a valid phone number and email address. The second step is to specify the type of paper, academic level, and wishes for the deadline. When we placed the order, the author was given five days to complete the work. After we filled out all the fields, we received the final price for the paper. To say that we were shocked is to say nothing. For a 10-page study, the company bids $ 380. We think that the price policy is too high. Even applying a 50% discount, we had to pay $ 190. The company’s offers are very disadvantageous for the average student.

After we agreed on the price, the company needed to specify the details of the work. We indicated the article’s topic, the number of sources that need to be used in the paper, the text structure, and the appendix. Finally, we came to the last stage – payment. We quickly paid for the order with a Visa card. The deceivers had no desire to make an order at all. We are not stupid, and we understand that the company deliberately inflates prices to provide a 50% discount later. It would be better if the service wrote the actual price and gave students at least -15% for the first order. For regular customers, there are no discounts at all.

Customer Support

Most of all, we were annoyed by the support service. The site has an online chat. As soon as we visited the site, we noticed a chat with one unopened message in the lower right corner. The manager sends many messages from the first second, preventing the person from getting acquainted with the service. We were surprised by the question the manager asked – am I ok? We believe that this is an unnecessary question or bait for the client. However, we replied that we feel great. A second later, the manager wrote to see if we want to place an order and help. To this question, we answered that we need time to understand the benefits of the service. The manager replied that he was looking forward to our response. No more messages came. The support team is fast, but the messages are distracting.


As we noted, we placed an order to write a 10-page college study within five days. We had to pay $ 190 for the paper. Immediately, we note that we did not receive the paper on time, but with a delay of one day. After studying the article, we realized that the author is not well versed in the research topic. Likewise, the writer does not understand how to write the headings in research. He doesn’t know what to write in the sections of results, discussions, methods, etc.

The article’s content did not correspond to the topic, and the article contained lexical grammatical punctuation errors. The arguments for the thesis were weak. Plagiarism disappointed us the most. We found 45% of plagiarism in the study. That is half of the research, the writer copied from another scientist. When we placed our order, we expected to receive the highest quality paper, not the half-copied work that we might also find on the Internet.

The site has a money-back guarantee. However, we could not get the money back as the company claimed that the author did the job 100%. The service also noted that we did not indicate a request for plagiarism, and they are not confused by the fact that the site says – “we create articles free of plagiarism.” The company is unambiguously engaged in fraudulent activities and is not ready to be held responsible for its actions.

Online Reputation

Since only positive reviews have been provided on myperfectwords.com, we decided to check other platforms. Here’s what we saw:


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • The support team is very responsive.


  • Too inflated price policy.
  • Deceptive discounts.
  • Unclear refund policy.
  • Poor quality paper.


Myperfectwords.com has many disadvantages. For example, a company has inflated prices for services. A 50% discount is a marketing ploy, and even with it, it is impossible to buy cheap paper. The authors admit plagiarism in the texts, and the company does not want to refund money for a poor-quality document. As the company cheats on clients, we cannot recommend this service, making as much money as possible, closing non-professional writers’ eyes.

FAQ About Myperfectwords.com

Does Myperfectwords.com work legally?

The company provides many guarantees in an attempt to convince students that their work is legal. However, we found many shortcomings, including questionable discounts and poor refund policies.

Is Myperfectwords.com Scam?

Authors do write various academic papers. But we wasted our money because the quality of the paper is terrible. The author borrowed information from other sources and cannot create truly academic texts with a correct structure.

Is Myperfectwords.com reliable?

The author had five days to write the research. As a result, the writer provided text with poor formatting and no terminology.

Is Myperfectwords.com safe?

The company provides a free editing function for two weeks from the date of order. We asked the writer to correct the mistakes, but the author did not improve the text because he did not understand what he did wrong.

Is Myperfectwords.com trustworthy?

According to customer reviews, you shouldn't trust the company. The authors make many mistakes and refuse to correct them, believing that they did everything correctly. This behavior is contrary to their warranties.

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