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The Most Honest Myhomeworkdone.com Review

Starting from 17.55$ per page
  • Stylish design
  • Pretty much assignments to order
  • PayPal protection
  • Minimum Deadline - 3 days
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Every student of a high school, college, or university should not only attend classes but also do homework. This is a very important part of the educational process because it allows you to consolidate the knowledge gained and practice it. But there is a lot of homework sometimes, and there is very little time to complete them. In this case, you should resort to professional help and hire an expert who will help you achieve the desired result.

Such services are in great demand today, so more and more writing companies appear every day. We reviewed one of them to give you an honest opinion. From this article, you will learn about whether you can trust this team, whether they have adequate prices, and what other students leave at various independent portals. Using this information, you will avoid a large number of errors and will be able to use a service that inspires confidence.

Price policy 

Surely, the first aspect that interests you is the cost of services. So, the prices that Myhomeworkdone.com offers cannot be called student-friendly. If you want to order paper, it will cost you $ 17.55 per page. Please note that this is for a period of 14 days, and for the lowest academic level. That is, if you want to order a term paper that will be written in 3 days, it will cost you much more. Proofreading and editing are also expensive. In addition, you will not get access to the full price list until you register on the website. And it really is not very convenient for students who appreciate their time.

Besides, we haven’t found any Myhomeworkdone promo code to get a discount. Maybe they send them to regular customers, but you need to spend a lot of money and nerves to receive this code. It definitely doesn’t worth it.

Papers quality 

When you pay more than $ 20 per page of the student paper, you expect it to be at least pretty good. In fact, we made a test order and got a really low-grade essay. We also ordered homework in mathematics, and it was also provided with errors. These are different types of tasks, which means that poor quality cannot be explained by one poor performer. In addition, our essay was not written by a native speaker of English, and this is immediately noticeable. Therefore, we can conclude that they don’t take care of the quality of their services. 


A payment system is what is set up quickly and efficiently. They write off your money, and you don’t even notice it. Interestingly, they offer payment in installments if your order exceeds $ 500. Imagine someone ordering student services for that kind of money? Most likely, they use this trick to give you the impression. In no case don’t order tasks for large sums on any of the websites, at least until you are convinced that the final work is worth its money.


There is no reliable information regarding your guarantees. On the one hand, they offer to review your paper for free if you request a revision within ten days. They also write that they will refund your money if the homework does not meet your expectations. But their official documents are long and unclear, and you should be a lawyer to understand all their approaches and nuances. This means that you cannot feel protected.

How to place an order 

You can easily find the black button with the words Order now. Click it to go to the registration form. This is very inconvenient because you can’t get the necessary information and the final cost of the service until you provide your contact details.

Only after that you can fill out the form and send all the details of your homework. Try to provide as much information as possible. Describe your expectations. Perhaps you are lucky, and your author will do it. Surely, not all of their employees are bad.

Then you will proceed to the payment process. Once you pay for your essay, the service will assign you with the personal expert who will complete your homework.

Online reputation of Myhomeworkdone.com 

Myhomeworkdone.com offers to get acquainted with some reviews of previous customers. But they look very suspicious, as they are very positive. There are no negative comments. You probably know that people write about their negative experiences more often than about positive ones. This means that these testimonials are bought or fake. Therefore, if you want to know more about this company, look for real Myhomeworkdone reviews on popular independent portals.

Myhomeworkdone pros and cons 

Speaking about all the points associated with this student site, there are several basic pros and cons:Pros:

  • Stylish design 
  • Pretty much assignments to order 
  • PayPal protection 


  • Unreasonable pricing 
  • C-level papers
  • Unfriendly customer support 

If you need more detailed instructions, then see our step by step guide on Best Essay Writing Service Reviews.

Want to get more? See Bid4papers review at our site.

Our verdict 

To summarize, this is definitely not a site that can be recommended to students. It cannot be called the worst, but it does not inspire confidence. Do not be fooled by an attractive design. Those services that cost much money should be the way better. Look at our other reviews to compare offers and understand which company will provide you the best service at the most affordable price. If you did not find the required review, contact us, and we will test a specific company for you!

Myhomeworkdone.com FAQ

Is Myhomeworkdone legit?

This site looks legit. Of course, it has enough disadvantages associated with the quality of services. But we cannot say that these are scammers without official registration. They have all the necessary documents required by law, for example, the Terms and Conditions, the Money-Back Policy, etc. There is also information that this company was registered in 2013. Of course, they could fake this data, but at first glance, everything looks legit. This means that theoretically, you can sue in the case of a poor outcome. But it is better to initially study the pros and cons and make an informed choice.

How does Myhomeworkdone work?

It works just like other similar sites, but with some differences. Usually, companies offer to familiarize themselves with the prices and order form in advance so that you receive as much information as possible before paying for your homework. But Myhomeworkdone.com begins this process with registration. This means that even if you change your mind about making an order, they will already receive your contact information and will be able to send you letters advertising their services.

What do I need to make an order?

You need to determine your requirements for homework: academic level, theme, number of pages, formatting style. If you have already written a paper, you can order its proofreading or editing. Once you realize that you are ready, you can click the Order Now button and register. After that, you will be redirected to the next steps so that you can enter all the data for your assignment.

Will my paper be plagiarism free?

Your paper should be free of plagiarism. This is a requirement that unites absolutely all educational institutions. Of course, there may be different interpretations as to what exactly is considered plagiarism. Sometimes incorrect citation of sources is already perceived as a serious violation. If you read reviews from other customers, you will see that their papers sometimes contain plagiarism. This is surprising because Myhomeworkdone.com offers a free plagiarism report. Probably, their authors are not careful enough, or they use not very reliable software for verification.

Can I ask for a revision?

They have a Revision Policy document on the website, so you can request a free revision if your paper doesn’t meet expectations. However, this may not give you the desired result, because they will start to delay with checking and editing errors. In addition, they can fix only those points that you indicate, because professional editing is a paid service. Sometimes it’s faster to edit your homework yourself.

How can I get the paper?

After registration, you will get access to your personal account, where all the information about your orders will be. Use this to track the status of your homework. Once it is ready, you will receive a notification. You can download the document from your personal account or receive it by email.

Do they meet deadlines?

They say they do it. But our experience and the experience of our clients show that they sometimes delay texts. In fact, many companies do this because it is connected with the loading and responsibility of specific authors. Therefore, we recommend that you order paper in advance. Moreover, you will need to subtract it and make sure that it meets all the requirements.

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