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Greatassignmenthelp.com Review: Find The Best Company For Your Needs

Starting from 12$ per page
  • Navigable website
  • Free features
  • Responsive support
  • Minimum Deadline - 12 hours
Greatassignmenthelp.com got 3.3/5 based on 29 customer reviews.
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It is not so easy to be a student these days. On the one hand, you have a lot of opportunities that can make your college life easier. For example, your parents had to spend a lot of time in libraries looking for the information that you can access in a couple of minutes. And they definitely could not install the application with flashcards to memorize new material. They didn’t listen to educational podcasts during their walks. But on the other hand, the more opportunities you have, the bigger the expectations of your professor become.

They pile you with homework without taking into account your own preferences. They don’t care whether you have a personal life, hobbies, or friends. Sometimes it looks like professors think students are machines that are poring over their textbooks around the clock.

That’s why it is really understandable why you decide to ask for professional assistance. Such writing companies as Greatassignmenthelp.com are really popular because students worldwide are constantly struggling with their assignments, trying to impress their professors and peers.

But it doesn’t mean that you can trust all these companies. We’ve decided to conduct a little research to find the most useful information about Greatassignmenthelp and its services.

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We know that many students start with the pricing policy because budget issues are pretty important. Of course, you don’t expect that somebody will write your paper for a song, but you shouldn’t work with companies that offer extremely high prices as well.

It took us some time to find the list with Greatassignmenthelp’s prices because they have hidden it in the footer of the website.

To be honest, their pricing system is not typical for the student writing services. What does standard, premium, and platinum mean? Do they work with reports, finance\accounting, and programming tasks only? It doesn’t look like they really care about customers because they don’t have fixed prices and a clear pricing policy.


The next aspect that is no less important is the quality of the services. Sometimes people are ready to pay more or to forgive some other flaws when they understand that they will receive a great result. We have tried to find some information about their services and their quality.

There are some articles on their blog, but we don’t know who their authors are. There are no samples to understand how they actually work with different papers. So, the only way to find out something about the quality of their services is to ask their customers. We are going to do it as well.


Maybe it shouldn’t sound too surprising in this situation, but we haven’t found any information about their payment methods. When you submit your order, they don’t even ask you to pay for it, and they offer you a live chat with their manager. It is really weird because other student websites don’t work this way.

Does it mean that the chat manager decides what your price will be? They want you to provide a lot of personal information before you even know how much the paper costs.


We hope you know that you shouldn’t place an order without understanding what guarantees you have.

Greatassignmenthelp.com promises you:

  • Top quality;
  • Best price;
  • Timely delivery;
  • 24\7 support;
  • 100% privacy;
  • Ph.D. experts.

Since there is no evidence on their website, these guarantees look like marketing gimmicks just to attract more customers. You can also find their official documents, such as the Privacy policy and Refund policy. Read them attentively because it is necessary to know that they can only refund 50% of the sum in the case when their authors weren’t able to provide you with decent writing.

And if you are not satisfied with your paper and want to make some changes, they need one month for revisions. Yes, one month. It sounds really crazy because your professor won’t wait so long. If they take your order, they should deliver the expected result without any excuses.

How to Make an Order?

You can click the big yellow Order Now button, and you’ll be redirected to the page with the order form. They ask you to provide some details about your assignment, including subject, number of pages, deadline, etc. You should also attach files with additional requirements.

The bad news is that this information is not enough to find out the price. They will analyze your request and get back to you with their offer. You can’t just pay for the order and wait until they connect you with the author.

The overall process is pretty complicated. It is really embarrassing because usually, even the worst companies are trying to make the ordering process as simple as possible because they want their customers to pay them. We don’t understand why Greatassignmenthelp.com is so careless. They say they have 30,000+ students, but it sounds really weird.

Online Reputation

These days, when companies work online, it is easy to check their reputation. Happy and dissatisfied customers eagerly write their reviews wherever they can. Companies post testimonials on their websites as well, but you can’t always trust them because they can be edited or written, especially for marketing goals.

If you look for some honest reviews about Greatassignmenthelp.com, you’ll find out what do students write:

The interesting fact is that we didn’t find any positive reviews at all. It looks like Greatassignmenthelp.com is a scamming company that takes customer’s money and doesn’t provide them with a promised result.

Pros and Cons

It is difficult to write about Greatassignmenthelp.com’s advantages when we already know what kind of online reputation they have. But we can mention that their website doesn’t look typical, and they have information about their services on the website. They also have a word counter and a grammar check that you can use for free.

What about their disadvantages?

  • Lack of clear pricing policy;
  • Complicated checkout procedure;
  • Poor refund policy;
  • Terrible online reputation.

We could make this list longer, but even one of these factors is enough to make the decision about Greatassignmenthelp.com.


Want to know our verdict? No, no, and one more time, no! Never work with Greatassignmenthelp.com until you have a lot of free time and money and want to waste them. We have no single reason to believe this company is trustworthy, so it is better to choose something else.

We have many informative reviews about other companies so you can read them and decide which company you’re ready to trust.

FAQ — All Things You Want to Know About GreatAssignmentHelp

Is my personal data confidential?

The company claims that your identity is absolutely confidential as well as your personal details. Businesses that provide these services required to keep your data safe by law, so you shouldn’t worry about your personal information.

How long does it take them to write my paper?

When you place the order on Greatassignmenthelp.com, you fill in the form with your requirements and set the deadline. Depending on your needs and your task's complexity, it may take their authors from several hours to 10 days or more to finish your project. We recommend you think about the deadline in advance and have other options for the case when the company cannot meet your expectations.

Can they revise my assignment?

According to the Refund Policy that is published on Greatassignmenthelp.com, your assignment can’t be revised if you’re not satisfied with its quality. However, it takes them about 30 days, which makes this service just useless. If you expect to receive the document in 12 hours, you don’t have a month. Besides, you pay more when you need an urgent assignment, and it is nonsense when they work on it for 30 days.

Are there some discounts?

We noticed that they claim they have discounts for first-time users, but we haven’t found any detailed information or promo code to get it. Finding out how much their services actually cost is almost impossible, so the amount of their discount can be absolutely random as well.

What assignments do they work with?

List of Greatassignmenthelp.com services include essays, programming tasks, case studies, research papers, dissertations. They claim they help with the coursework, biotechnology assignments, science tasks, and so on. But it doesn’t look like they really have experts on all these disciplines they offer.

How will I receive my paper?

Once your assignment is ready, they send it to your email. You also have an account on their website where you can track the process. They have a dashboard with your order ID, subject, deadline, payment status, and order quote.

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