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Essay USA Review – Expert Opinion

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Many sites are offering academic paper writing assistance. Today we are evaluating EssayUSA and answering the most critical question – whether they work legally. For four years, the service has been actively writing papers for students. The company boldly claims that it is ready to cope with any student assignments, regardless of the topic and complexity. But is their help really of high quality? Is it worth reaching out to EssayUSA writers?

We will answer all these questions in this review. Also, we carefully checked the site’s online reputation, and we know what students who order papers from them think about the company. The site is not that popular, and we weren’t able to explore the EssayUSA Reddit reviews. However, there are many EssayUSA Google reviews. On one of the sites, there are 22 reviews from people who collaborated with the company.

Less than half of the reviews were positive. The rest of the reviews were harmful. Students claimed that they received substandard papers with sheer plagiarism. Also, according to requests on the Internet, we could not see many reviews, indicating low popularity among similar writing services.

The site interface is pretty simple and user-friendly. However, initially, we did not understand how to place an order. The site provides a price calculator that allows you to find out the preliminary cost of academic papers. This is a plus for the company. After all, students filling out a lengthy order form, in the end, may refuse to help because the price of services is high. After knowing the price in advance, the student will decide to buy the paper from essayusa.com. This was our first impression of the site. To give you an honest review, we have evaluated other aspects.


Is EssayUSA a scam? We often do hear this question. To answer it honestly, we decided to place an order and independently verify the quality of the writers’ work. The first thing we did was register on the site. The second step – we have provided all the information about the paper and the document’s quality requirements. The third step – we needed to select options by time frame. We chose five days because, during this time, writers can create a high-quality essay on history.


The price paper was $ 30. Some sites offer similar work for a much higher price. But we cannot say that essayusa.com provides cheap services. If you have a lot of time, you can specify the deadline for the task more, and then the paper price will be lower. Although, we thought the writer would not have time to complete the assignment, he submitted an essay on history on time, approximately a few hours before the end of the specified period. This is where the pros end.

The quality of the paper is disgusting. The writer provided us with an article in which there are many gross lexical, spelling, and grammatical errors. There were no dates in the text – the teacher would not have accepted a historical essay without dates. Well, we come to the main question – is EssayUSA reliable. We can honestly answer – no. The writer will provide you with the paper on time, but the quality does not correspond to the price, and the content of the essay is not 100% relevant to the topic. If you want to get A +, then you should not turn to their services.

Pricing & Deadlines

Now let’s evaluate together the pricing policy of the EssayUSA writing company. The company demands to pay $ 9 for one page of high-school writing. This is the price you can pay if the writing period is two weeks. However, if you have a limited deadline and the paper needs to be written in a few hours, then EssayUSA will not suit you. Because the company provides the shortest possible time – 24 hours and, accordingly, you will not have time to hand over the paper on time. We’ve evaluated various writing companies, and we know some sites deliver papers in literally three hours. EssayUSA does not provide quick assistance, and the cost for urgency will be very high.


Types of Papers

Writing companies say they are ready to create perfect papers in a variety of sciences. EassayUSA is no exception. The company assures all clients that it is ready to help with the most challenging tasks for college, high school, university students. Having studied the sites and talked to the support service of essayusa.com, we found out exactly what types of work students can order. These include admission essays, reviews of books, films, articles, coursework, term paper, business plans, thesis, bibliography, presentations, case studies, dissertations, research papers, homework. The company’s list of documents is quite large, and many students can ask for help. Also, the company provides web design and Java programming services. However, the quality of services is poor.


Additional Features

If you want your paper to be perfect, you can take advantage of the additional services provided by essayusa.com. For example, you can choose an experienced and advanced writer. However, you will have to pay + 25% to the order amount, while other sites provide these services free of charge.

One feature that pissed us off the most was editing. If a writer has made mistakes, then it is his responsibility to correct them. However, the company doesn’t think so. If you find errors, you will have to pay + 15% to the writer’s order to edit the text.

If you want to know what sources the author used to write the article, you will have to pay an extra $ 9.99. Why? Other sites provide this information along with the document and do not require additional fees. It’s outrageous!

Another service is a plagiarism check. The company claims to write quality papers free of plagiarism, but how can an average student verify this? The company offers a student to pay an additional $ 7.99 for a plagiarism report. The other services provided by this company are terrible and not worth paying for. It is better to contact another writing service that provides such services free of charge.


The site support service works around the clock. We decided to check the agents’ competence and wrote that we would like to get a discount on the first order. A support agent provided a 10% discount. However, we would be surprised that there is no information on the discounts on the site and you should contact the support service to get a profitable offer. We waited for an answer for half an hour – this is a long time because other companies respond within one minute. Therefore, if you want to get a quick answer, you have to wait, which is very inconvenient when you urgently solve a problem.


Online Reputation

The online reputation of this site is weak. Here’s what customers say when they contact the company for help:


Pros and Cons

To make your choice easier, consider the pros and cons of the EssayUSA writing company.


  • Affordable prices;
  • Delivery of paper on time.


  • You will have to pay extra for additional services;
  • The quality of the paper is very poor – lexical, punctuation, grammatical errors are present;
  • The shortest time for writing a paper is 24 hours;
  • Support is very slow to respond.


The EssayUSA Writing Company does not provide quality services. The student may encounter problems when placing an order, and the support service cannot solve the problem quickly. All additional services are paid. For the company, the priority is to make more money than to help the student. You won’t be able to find out about plagiarism without paying $ 7.99. Therefore, we cannot recommend EssayUSA.

FAQ About EssayUSA

What is the EssayUSA writing service?

EssayUSA writing service is a company that writes student papers for money. Students, schools, colleges, universities can apply for help. The company will help you with your homework, essay, dissertation, presentation, etc.

Is EssayUSA writing service reliable?

This site is unreliable. The company does not provide a plagiarism report, only for an additional fee. The service cannot solve your problems very quickly. The company also makes gross mistakes when writing an article.

Does the paper writing service provide original texts?

According to the site team, they use modern programs to check the originality of the papers. However, only writers will know about it. An average student needs to pay extra to get a report.

What is the quality of the papers of this writing service?

EssayUSA writing service writes poor quality papers. You will find several errors in the article and not get A +, as the company claims.

How to place an order for the EssayUSA writing service?

The student must indicate the type of paper, the number of pages, quality requirements, and the document's deadline to place an order. As soon as you enter all the data, your order will be sent for processing, and the company will select the necessary writer.

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