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EssayTigers Review – Short Description

Starting from 10$ per page
  • Conviniet ordering
  • Navigable website
  • Minimum deadline - 12 hours
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EssayTigers is a service that provides academic writing services for money. In 2012, the site began its existence. The team includes many writers and editors, so they handle all the assignments. However, the quality of the paper does not match the price.

During the research, we also managed to find out that the company’s official location is fictitious. They want to appear as foreigners so that the whole of Europe would trust them. What impressed us was that the company well hid the money-back guarantee from customers. We consider this unfair because students agree to the terms of use and do not even understand what they are getting in return.

To objectively evaluate essaytigers.com, we created a criteria table and wrote a review. Below you will find a complete study and, thanks to an honest assessment, you can make the right choice.

Service Overview

Essay Tigers is the most popular company in the United States that assists in writing academic papers. The company invested a lot of money in advertising and spent a lot of time creating the site. So they know how to succeed. Based on the article on the blog, the company rapidly developed and created useful guides.

However, we found one moment that confused us – their official location. Companies offering written services often try to hide their real address if their company is outside US or UK transfers. However, essaytigers.com decided to cheat and wrote that their official location was in Costa Mesa, California. We decided to check how true the information is. After analyzing, we found that companies such as 575 Anton Blvd, 3rd Floor Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA are virtual offices registered in California, but there is no real company.


We can conclude that a company that was legally incorporated would not create virtual offices. EssayTigers wanted to make an excellent and trustworthy impression on the client, however, lies surfaced.


EssayTigers Company is proud to return the money if the customer is dissatisfied with the services. They carefully hid the money-back policy in the use policy. After studying the Refund Policy in detail, we found out that the full refund can be received by the customer who had problems paying or the company could not find a writer for your task. The company can also return the money if the writer failed with the deadlines. However, there is not a word that the company is ready to return the full value of the order if the client is dissatisfied with the paper.


The service is ready to return 70% of the money if you decide to cancel the order without exceeding half of the deadline. 50% of the company is ready to return if the writer has half completed the task. That is, you pay exactly for half, and the service returns the rest of the money. However, the question arises – why then do writers take up work if they are not ready to cope to the end?

Also, note that if you confirm that everything is in order with the paper and paid the document, the company will no longer return the money. Even if you need improvements or the teacher disapproved of the project, they are not responsible for this. The writer can make corrections within the warranty term. At the end of the warranty term, you no longer have complaints against the company based on using services. Therefore, if you have problems, do not confirm the order as completed. Make the writer complete the order 100% correctly. Don’t let them deceive themselves.

Types of Services

EssayTigers has a wide range of services. Writers create almost all types of documents:

  • Admission Essay;
  • Argumentative Essay;
  • Biography Essay;
  • Cause and Effect Essay;
  • Classification Essay;
  • Compare and Contrast Essay;
  • Critical Essay;
  • Definition Essay;
  • Descriptive Essay;
  • Evaluation Essay;
  • Explanatory Essay;
  • Expository Essay;
  • First Person Essay;
  • Informal Essay;
  • Narrative essay;
  • Opinion essay;
  • Persuasive essay;
  • Profile essay;
  • Reflective Essay;
  • Scholarship essay;
  • Academic Writing;
  • Research paper;
  • Dissertation;
  • Thesis;
  • Case Study;
  • Coursework;
  • Term Paper;
  • Business Writing;
  • Resume;
  • Business Plans;
  • Cover Letter;
  • Personal statement;
  • Report;
  • Homework.

Ordering Process

EssayTigers has created an order form where you must complete all information about the document and specify the phone number and other personal data. When filling out the form, try to specify the exact data because the manager will send the order status to you by phone number or email.

After completing the first page of the order, you must click on the Proceed button, and you will automatically proceed to the next step. In the second step, you need to specify the paper type, article theme, and document writing requirements. Also, in the order you need to specify information about quotes and, if possible, specify the desired sources. The company will format your document according to styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard.


The third page – is your wishes on terms and price. Carefully fill out the last page, because if you are mistaken in the month or number, you can get the paper not on time. You can order writing paper from scratch. That is, they will write an individual paper and check all errors themselves. On the same page, you must select a deadline for completing the task.

In this part, you can also indicate whether you need to design a paper in slides for presenting PowerPoint. Note this point as an academic level. If you want to get a high-quality article, choosing a professional writer does not mean that he will cope with 100%. It is better to select TOP or Advanced Writer. You automatically become a VIP customer. This provision has its positive sides – SMS notification of the order’s status, and the support service will respond faster to your messages. However, many students noted that SMS notifications come too often, and this upsets them.

Once you complete the information, you will be able to see the order card. The company will also be required to confirm the phone number and email to provide reliable information. Otherwise, your order will not be accepted.


The prices set by the company are quite high. In the market for such services, the price policy is much lower. The company employs many writers, so it is necessary to pay for their work. Putting prices lower, the company would not cope with all the tasks on time, since the writers would not want to work.


However, you can take advantage of the discount for the first order. In this way, order cheap paper, but you have to pay the full cost in the future.


The quality of the paper is not the best. The company does not employ native English speakers. The company wants to save as much as possible on your order and gives the paper to a freelancer. Or the international student who is poorly versed in academic rules.

Online reputation

Having visited the platforms where students leave reviews, we concluded that the company does not have a perfect online reputation. We were surprised by the Sitejabber platform, where students wrote extremely positive reviews about the company. We can say with confidence that these reviews are purchased. In reality, students are disappointed with the collaboration with essaytigers.com:


Pros and Cons


  • The company has been around for a very long time.
  • The company collects detailed information about the order.


  • High prices.
  • Poor paper quality.
  • Bad refund policy.
  • Fake location.
  • The service buys positive reviews.
  • The support service employs foreigners who do not understand customer problems.


EssayTigers has existed for a long time. But the company failed to build a good strategy, organize a low price policy and register the company’s reallocation. The company deceives customers and collaborates with freelancers who are not native English speakers. The company needs to earn as much money as possible, and therefore they save on professional writers. We cannot recommend EssayTigers, because the service will not provide quality assistance.

FAQ About EssayTigers

Are EssayTigers cheating?

Yes, the EssayTigers are cheating. They hide their real location and hire foreign writers to save money.

Is it safe to contact EssayTigers?

It's not safe to work with a company. If you do not like the quality of the paper, the service will not refund your money.

EssayTigers doing fraud?

The company buys positive reviews on the Sitejabber platform. On other sites, their rating is lower than 3 to 5 on a scale.

Does EssayTigers work legally?

The company provides many guarantees. However, it does not stick to its promises. For example, the company is not ready to return the money if you paid in full for the order. In the future, writers can edit the text, but nothing more.

Is EssayTigers reliable?

The site employs freelancers. They don't write 100% original papers. If you find errors, you will have to pay extra for the author to edit the document.

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