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Domyessay Review: To Use Or Not To Use?

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Choosing a writer might be such a painstaking process. However, it is even more troublesome if you use Domyessay. There are some advantages to this service, but the number of drawbacks prevails, unfortunately. It is very sophisticated to use a website where it is complicated to find the information you need. If other academic writing websites suppose you to find the necessary data within a few seconds, it is the opposite if you use the Domyessay website. Let’s figure out the problems of this website.


There is no quite clear information about the prices on the Domyessay website. Indeed, there is an opportunity to calculate the prices for your paper on the website’s online calculator.

However, it would be more just and fair to represent the prices directly. Some of the features are promoted to be free. For instance, the possibility to hire the best writer, have formatting, or title page. However, it sounds ridiculous because other writing service agencies offer the same, but they are not proud to announce that you should pay for finding the necessary writer since it is vivid.


Of course, Domyessay shows some feedback and comments about it, saying that all of them are positive. However, if you look at the feedback left on such websites as Trustpilot and Sitejabber, you will be frustrated with the fact there are too many negative comments. So who is lying: the Domyessay or these websites? It seems that the answer is clear. It seems that the feedback revealed on the Domyessay website was handy-crafted and too far from reality.


The payment is processed on the website at the final step. Meaning, you should pay for the essay only if you like it. However, the truth is that you should put some deposit on your account before you choose the writer that contradicts the information presented on the Domyessay website. The service accepts various cards such as American Express, Master Card, VISA, and Discover, which is not that bad.

That’s why we have also written a complete guide on Best Essay Writing Service Reviews 2021.


Domyessay promises such things:

  • You save a lot of money.
  • You save a lot of time.
  • Your confidentiality is kept a secret.
  • You get a personal approach to every essay you order.

How to Make an Order?

The order process is similar to any other academic writing service. First of all, you should specify all the requirements. Once you do it, you should select the writer that seems to be the most efficient and expert in composing similar papers that you have. As soon as your paper is written, you should process the payment. It is rather weird, however, that they say you should pay at the end but still demand you to put some deposit sum of money on the writer’s account before they begin to work on your paper.

Online Reputation

We were surprised to see only positive reviews of Domyessay on Sitejabber.com since our order was not completed. So, we checked some more sources to get know what other customers say about this service.

Entering Trustpilot we found out that Domyessay profile is blocked on the platform.

So how they can have only positive reviews on one website, while the other trusted service deleted their profile for violating the Terms? We may consider, that Domyessay just payed some people to write positive reviews on Sitejabber.

Pros and Cons


  • The opportunity to calculate the prices;
  • You can pay when you are happy with the paper completely;
  • Deadlines are met.


  • Low quality of the final papers;
  • The absence of phone support;
  • Fake writer’s profiles.


It is very risky to utilize this essay writing service, especially if you need assistance with your dissertation or thesis. There is a lot of information about the quality of the essays by Domyessay writers on the Internet, proving that this service is not worth using and even trying.

If you do not want to waste your time and money, you would better try another writing service. Even the fact that they utilize fake writer’s profiles to represent the professionalism of them must make you stay away from this company. Also, the fact that the prices are very low guarantees the writers are not the best ones, and for sure, they are not professionals who charge more in reality.

People Also Ask

Does Domyessay guarantee money back?

They say that they will give you all money back only in case your paper is written poorly. However, if you receive a low grade for your essay, they are not obliged to give you all your money back, which is weird. In other words, Domyessay does not guarantee anything if it comes to the quality of your papers and money.

Are papers by Domyessay plagiarized?

According to the company, they promise to give you only completely original papers, but if you check the feedback about the quality of the papers online, you will soon face a number of unsatisfied customers. Most of them say they received a paper that was not unique. Some of them claim their papers were 30% plagiarized, while others state they got 70% plagiarized essays, which is too bad.

How can I place the order?

It is not a big deal to place an order with Domyessay. All you need is your requirements and a credit card with money on your account. After filling out the registration form, you should specify all the demands. Put some money on a deposit to the writer you choose, and your essay will be in progress to be completed. However, note that it might be difficult to get your money back if you are disappointed with the quality.

What should I do if I am unhappy with the quality of the paper?

First and foremost, you should message the customer support about it. Then, your order might be checked, and if you are not happy with the revision, you may open a dispute. There is a dispute manager who decides whether to give you a complete or just a partial refund for your order. Note that these managers are financed by the website, so they always support their side, meaning you will hardly receive a full refund.

Can I add extra instructions?

You can do it, but you should add extra instructions before the paper is written. When the writer is working on your essay, feel free to add some requirements. Note that the website might charge you additional money, for instance, if you ask them to write a few pages more.

How will I receive my essay?

In most cases, you will receive a notification to your email, claiming that your order is completed. This is why they ask you to provide them with your email or phone number when you fill out the order form and register. However, it is quite suspicious whether they sell your personal data to any third party or not.

Is my personal data secure?

The Domyessay website states that they are going to keep all your personal information confidential. However, the customers often complain about the fact their email is full of spam messages from essay writing services, which means that they probably sell the data, but it is difficult to track it and find out how and who does it.

Are there any discounts?

You may get a little discount, however, only in case you order more than one page. In other cases, you should pay a lot. Even if they say the prices are affordable, in reality, they are not. There are many other academic paper companies offering the same and even better service for lower prices.

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