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Affordable-papers Review: The Features, Approaches, And User Experience

Starting from 9$ per page
  • Timely delivery
  • Free writing tools
  • Good discounts
  • Minimum deadline - 3 hours
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The price we pay for any product or service is often the deciding factor. It relates to all fields, including academic writing companies. More precisely, it is often the weightiest argument. Students’ budgets are limited, and they can’t afford to pay much. Therefore, quite frequently, students turn to writing companies promising cheap service.

Affordable-papers.net is an online company that positions itself as a cheap service. It is even in its name! At the same time, they promise to deliver excellent quality for all academic levels. If it is really so, the company would be the best solution for most students in need of qualified help. However, when we started to research this service, we noticed lots of contradicting feedbacks.

We prepared this Affordable-papers review to clarify it eventually if it is worth spending time and money. So, let’s begin.


As Affordable-papers.net is building its marketing policy on “affordable” rates, it was the first point to check. The company owns a simple website, but it has a pricing page. The detailed break-down of prices is according to deadlines, academic levels, and the types of service. Besides academic writing, Affordable-papers also provide editing services and help with problem-solving and multiple-choice questions.

From what it looks, the rates are slightly below the average on the market, about $1-2 less per page. The pricing is flexible, depending on the combination of criteria. Users can overview all prices and then calculate the amount to pay for the job more precisely.


Like most other teams, Affordable-papers.net offers optional paid services that can increase the price. We’d pay attention to the option of hiring writers from the “Advanced” and “Top” categories. Unfortunately, the service does not provide actual rates for this option – you can only calculate which percent you pay extra. If you target a college-level essay, be ready to pay 30% more for the advanced writer and 50% more for the top writer.

It makes the Affordable-papers rates less affordable. The price increases if you want a better-qualified writer. In many cases, if you need some quality guarantees, it will be necessary.


In any company, the most crucial quality factor is the human factor. Affordable-papers.net assure that its writers are excellent and capable of doing any academic assignment.

However, when we referred to the Writer section on the website, we did not find any information about people. The article explains the writer’s selection criteria. According to them, the standards are high. Unfortunately, the Affordable-papers.net company only tells how it selects writers, but not which writers it had hired.

You won’t find any writers’ rankings, profiles, or data about their education and backgrounds. There aren’t any samples of their past works or users’ feedbacks. Under such conditions, you can only take the company’s word for it. You will see the real writer’s qualification only after getting the paper.

In our case, the results were controversial. We placed a test order for an essay of the university level, for 4 pages, and with 5 days deadline, and did not use any advanced options. It was for checking the default level of quality. We received rather a neat paper on-time.

The problem was, it would match the high school level. The university professor would never accept it as a decent job. For the second test order, we chose to assign it to the “advanced” writer. The results were slightly better, but again, it would match the first-year college student only.


Affordable-papers.net allows several payment methods. First, you can pay with a debit or credit Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx. Besides, the company accepts cards issued by JCB (the leading Japanese payment system). Under the “other” payment option, you’ll find PayPal and the Chinese UnionPay. Such a variety of means is convenient.


  • Privacy guarantees
  • Post-delivery revisions
  • Money-back guarantees
  • Plagiarism-free

How to Make an Order?

Affordable-papers require prepaying the order in full. The ordering form is standard. However, notice that it has two variants: Quick and Extended. If you select the quick form, you can provide the key data and place the order. In the extended form, you can define the task in detail and set all additional requirements.


After filling all the fields to describe the task and your preferences, you place the payment. In any case, Affordable-papers state that customers can edit the task conditions after placing the order – add comments, upload additional files, etc.

Online Reputation

Affordable-papers.net has been in this business for more than 10 years. However, you won’t find lots of customer reviews on the leading independent platforms. Mixed feedbacks are hinting that the results mostly depend on luck. If your writer is competent and attentive, you may expect decent performance and a paper matching your criteria. If you aren’t lucky, you may end up losing time and nerves, trying to get a refund.


Pros and Cons


  • Quick service
  • Honest prices
  • Various payment means
  • Discounts and bonuses
  • Free writing tools


  • Inconsistent quality
  • Not suitable for university and higher
  • Writers are mostly ESL
  • Spam messages


Affordable-papers.net is a standard writing company. It claims that it provides affordable service, but you will have to pay much more if you want better quality. You may use this service if you are a high school or a college student. However, it is unsuitable for higher academic levels – these writers obviously don’t possess the necessary competencies.

FAQ – Get Familiar With More Aspects

We regularly receive more questions about different companies. Though we could not include all the aspects in the review due to its format, we did our best to provide more information in this section.

How does Affordable-papers treat plagiarism?

The company proclaims zero tolerance to plagiarism – they even have a separate section in their working policies. Our papers were original. We noticed some complaints about plagiarized content, but they took place several years ago. It seems that the company has fixed the issues. Users can request a plagiarism report for their papers. Besides, the company encourages the customers to inform about any signs of plagiarism in the delivered papers. We'd say that plagiarism is not among the Affordable-papers sins.

Can I get a free revision of my paper if I need it?

Yes, Affordable-papers.net ensures this option. However, you need to note the following conditions:

You can request a free revision for the delivered paper if you haven’t approved it.
You should request a revision within the 7 days after the delivery. In case of more substantial papers longer than 20 pages, this period is up to 14 days.
Your instructions for the revision must not contradict the initial task instructions. Otherwise, it will be a new order.

The company grants you up to 3 free revisions.

Which additional services does the company offer?

Besides the writing services, Affordable-papers.net offers several writing tools that you can use yourself. These are the citation generator, the plagiarism checker, the grammar checker, and the case converter. The company runs a blog dedicated to educational issues with helpful articles and guidelines.

Is this company legal?

Yes, it is a legal service. The field is digital copywriting and tutoring services. You can use it when you need samples of academic papers for references. The results they deliver will belong to you. Thus, you can use them as you wish.

Is it safe to use this writing service?

The website is under the protection of digital security means. It uses SSL encryption according to the latest requirements.

The company ensures complete protection of all user's data. Also, it grants the safety of all operations on the website. The staff members never ask customers for any personal information. All communication is strictly confidential. You can refer for details to the dedicated Privacy Policy section on the official website.

What are the money-back guarantees at Affordable-papers.net?

To the company’s credit, it has a very comprehensive money-back policy. It describes all cases when you can request and receive a full or partial refund. 100% refund comes for missing the deadline. Besides, if you demand a refund for the inappropriate quality. Then you have to submit a request to customer support and explain the reasons to request a refund.

How competent are the writers at this company?

The company assures that the writers are ENL and that they select them cautiously. However, as many customers claim, the performers are mostly ESL. Their writing skills are more or less appropriate. Still, if your assignment requires an exquisite style and in-depth knowledge of English, this company is not the best choice.

Why am I getting so much spam?

You provide your email address when you place the order. The company will use it to send you promo materials and informational messages. Thus, it is better to have a separate email address for such cases. It will protect your primary email box from getting littered.

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