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5StarEssays Review – Getting Started

Starting from 14$ per page
  • Splited payment process
  • Wide variety of disciplines
  • Minimum Deadline - 12 hours
5staressays.com got 3/5 based on 35 customer reviews
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5StarEssays is a simple and straightforward website offering individual academic paper writing. The company employs over 200 writers who scatter in various sciences and create essays, thesis, dissertation papers, and other student papers.

The company has a pretty bad reputation. The main problem with the service is the money-back guarantees. The website states that if the student is dissatisfied with the services, they are ready to return the money. The promise is deceiving, and there is evidence for this. In the reviews, students repeatedly mentioned the fraudulent return of money by the company.

To understand all the issues, we conducted thorough research. The main question that all students are concerned about is their relationship with the other SharkPapers websites? We know the answer and are ready to share our results. You will also determine whether the company does not return the money and whether 5StarsEssays services are legal.

List of Services

The 5staressays.com website has created a separate page that lists all types of services. The list is quite extensive. When filling out an order, you can also choose the paper you need and not visit the page with services.


The company’s goal is to create academic papers from scratch. However, some types of work may contain many quotes, and this statement is a little misleading. For example, in such documents, the authors add quotes:

  • Application letter.
  • Introductory essay.
  • Business case.
  • Term paper.
  • Speech.
  • Thesis.
  • Dissertation.
  • Coursework.

The site says that the team includes teachers, masters, doctors of sciences who are well versed in such sciences as mathematics, English, literature, biology, chemistry. To be sure of the statement’s truthfulness, we asked the support service to provide documents that confirm the writers’ education. Unfortunately, the company did not provide us with such documents, and we cannot be sure that the company provides high-quality papers.

Prices and Academic Levels

The company assists students of all academic levels. Therefore, you can order paper based on four levels:

  • High School.
  • Master.
  • MBS.
  • Ph.D.

Depending on the complexity, deadline, number of pages, and requirements, the company forms the document’s price. Writers create standard 300-word pages. Also, students can independently choose the style of writing the paper. Writers can format the paper according to MLA, APA, CMA, Chicago, Harvard rules.


The company has set too high a price per page for an academic assignment. If the company did not provide discounts and great deals, most likely the service would be one of the most expensive written sites. However, the discounts that the company offers are just a tempting trick. You can see the “limited-time 50% discount” offer on the site, and we advise you to beware of it because this is just another deception or marketing strategy. With the discounted price, you pay $ 14 per page, while other sites provide paper for $ 8. The highest price at 5staressays.com per page is $ 40 – not profitable. An ordinary student will overpay several times. For the company, the priority is earning money but not helping students.

The company also asks the student to pay an additional 15% to prepare scripts, presentations, and business plans in PowerPoint. Another essential point that you should be aware of is that the site allows students to prepay up to 50%. That is, students can pay half of the document’s cost and the rest at the end when the author submits the work. However, remember – pay the full cost, provided that you have checked the text and you have no comments.


5StarEssays can write a paper in one day. The shortest period is 12 hours. However, the company claims it can help you in less than 12 hours and solve any problem you may have. This is also a marketing ploy to get even more money. We discovered one exciting fact during the research: there are additional requirements for orders with very short lead times.

We contacted support and asked for a writer to create a paper in three hours. The company accepted our requirements but asked to pay a few dollars for the urgency. They explained this position because the process of writing urgent papers can be stressful, and the writer may have to stop creating other academic documents. This service is not suitable for urgent orders, as the price for services will be too high.

Refund Policy

If this is your first time applying to a writing service for help, make sure the company provides a full or part money-back guarantee. Many companies know that not all writers create quality documents and therefore try to protect their clients from fraud. They provide the money spent back if the student is dissatisfied with the quality of the paper.

However, 5staressays.com thinks quite differently. Although there is a 30-day money-back guarantee at the end of the site, there is nothing in Service about it. You may come across a rather specific phrase that contradicts their promise – all services are non-refundable, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

From this proposal, we can conclude that the company does not provide refunds and deceives customers. They can return the money, provided that the writer refused to write an article or failed to create a document within the specified period. There is no word that the company will refund money for poor quality. For them, there is nothing higher than cash.

Revision Policy

The text editing policy is just as terrible as the money-back policy. There is no information on how many times a student can request text editing and whether this service is free. If you urgently need to make corrections to the text, the author will not do this. The support service reported that it would take writers 12-24 hours to study comments and make corrections. Therefore, if you need to hand over the paper very urgently, you will have to correct mistakes yourself.

Relation to SharkPapers.com

As soon as you find yourself on this company’s page, you will notice a banner that says: Powered by SharkPapers.com. What is the connection between the company and an incomprehensible banner? We immediately started looking for SharkPapers and were surprised because it does not exist and is not registered anywhere. However, there are many fake reviews of the company.

We dug deeper to figure out this strange story. Our research became clear to us that the website is operated by one company, Skyscrapers LLC. However, the company is in the business of supplying products, but not associated with academic papers. We also managed to find out that the site has registered four addresses from several countries. There is reason to believe that the company has headquarters in several regions.

The site states that the company was registered in 2017. During this period, we could not find an officially registered site called 5staressays.com. We also failed to establish how legal their services are because there are no relevant documents. One thing we know for sure – you shouldn’t trust the service, because they have a very dubious history of creation.

Online Reputation

Surprisingly, many sites have good reviews of the company. We are sure that they are all fake, and only a few students expressed their real opinion:


Pros and Cons

After examining all aspects, we have identified the pros and cons of a writing service.


  • The student can pay half of the order and the rest after the writer completes the order.


  • The company has no official name;
  • The company does not refund money for poor quality, only for non-delivery of the document on time;
  • The client will have to pay extra if the order needs to be written very quickly.


After evaluating 5staressays.com according to several criteria, we concluded that the company provides low-quality services. Their pricing policy is too high. In cases of a poorly written document, the company refuses to return the money. The student needs to pay extra for urgency. The service is capitalizing on students and cannot help properly.

FAQ About 5staressays.com: Everything You Need to Know

Will I get an A + by contacting 5staressays.com?

The company provides four levels of assistance and claims to have many writers versed in various fields. However, the site does not guarantee that all documents contain up-to-date information without errors, and you will receive A +.

Where do the authors of the writing service live?

The writers of 5staressays.com are authors from the USA, Australia, England, and Canada. However, not all of them are native English speakers. The company does not provide information on their education.

What topics are writers aware of?

According to the company, the manager will assign a writer with a degree in a particular subject to your topic. We were unable to verify this information because the company carefully hides data about the writers.

What happens if someone finds out about my collaboration with 5staressays.com?

If you tell a classmate that you have worked with 5staressays.com, he will perhaps report it to the teacher. However, the company itself does not spread the word about its customers.

Who gets copyright?

5staressays.com writers transfer copyright to the student. The company does not store academic papers or sell them to other students.

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