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1ws.com Review

Starting from 9.97$ per page
  • Laconic design without sharp colors
  • Wide list of academic services
  • Some essay samples
  • Minimum Deadline - 14 days
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You are faced with the task of writing an essay, but you just cannot gather strength and get to work?

This situation is familiar to all students. In fact, even if you have good writing skills, this process requires a lot of concentration and a lot of time. And if you want to set priorities correctly and save yourself the effort, you should take advantage of professional help.

There are many writing services these days that provide students with different types of papers and other homework. 1ws.com is one of them. But can you trust it? At the first look, it may have a stylish design, but that doesn’t mean anything. Anyone can create a similar website today. Therefore, we are ready to present you with this amazing 1ws review where you will find answers to all your questions.

Price policy 

Price is the aspect that most students care about. Of course, you understand that writing services will be paid, but for sure, you want to get the most favorable price-quality ratio.

Prices for this website start at $ 9.97 per page. They will write this paper for 14 days. When did you receive the assignment from the professor with a deadline of 14 days? It is almost impossible! Most likely, you need a paper with a 3-days term. And if you order a 10-page bachelor’s paper, it will cost you $ 230. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

In addition, they do not warn in advance about additional services. For example, if you want your paper to be written by an experienced author, this will add $ 69 to the cost. Top author services will cost $ 133.4. But who then writes the usual essay? Another student? A writer without experience? A report on the absence of plagiarism costs $ 9.99, although you probably would like to get this guarantee for free. Besides, we haven’t found any 1ws discount information to make the price more affordable.

Papers quality 

We ordered a 1-page essay at 1ws.com to check its quality. The paper was delivered on time, but its quality was an outright disappointment. We had the impression that the author forgot about proofreading, as the text consisted of a large number of typos, grammatical errors. Some suggestions contradicted each other. In addition, I sent an essay formatting file that was ignored.


Our payment went without any complications. When ordering, we chose the academic level of the paper, the number of pages, and the deadline. This allowed us to determine the final cost, which coincided with the value from the price list. We were able to pay with a credit card, and the process went quickly.


Like any other writing service, 1ws.com offers some guarantees. Below you will find a list of them. But do not think that this is something special. This is what the law obliges them to do. In addition, you need to carefully read all the conditions of these guarantees, because they may contain some reservations.

  • 3 free revisions 
  • Money back guarantee 
  • Full privacy 
  • Full privacy 

How to place an order 

So, if you want to order a paper from 1ws authors, you need to find the small red button “Order Now”. After that, you will go on to fill out a small form. It is really very short: it contains only the academic level, paper type, number of pages, and deadline. At this point, it might seem that you cannot add more details. But the form has a second page, which is not very convenient. Now you can write some of your comments and add files. The expanded form is complex and not intuitive without prompts.

Online reputation of 1ws.com 

You can study reviews about this company on different independent sites to get an objective opinion. You will immediately see that they do not really care about online reputation. Customers write about weak authors, buggy papers, high prices, and unfriendly service. In addition, the company does not respond to such feedback. We don’t know whether their customer managers read and consider it. But it is easy to predict that they don’t. 

Pros and cons 

Each writing company has its pros and cons. Speaking of 1ws.com, we can distinguish some as well.


  • Laconic design without sharp colors
  • Wide list of academic services 
  • Some essay samples 


  • Inexplicable pricing and high prices
  • Poor quality papers
  • Untimely feedback

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Our verdict 

Having analyzed the website of this company, customer reviews, and our own experience, we can not recommend 1ws.com service. Of course, this is not the worst company. Surely they are not scammers and will provide you with paper. But this does not mean that you get what you expect. There are many other writing services that focus on the client and do everything to make you feel satisfied with your paper.

1ws.com FAQ

Is 1ws a scam?

It depends on how you interpret the definition of the word "scammers." They do not take your money and do not disappear from the radar, and you will receive your paper. But it will not meet the declared standards. Honestly, this can also be called fraud because they violate their promises.

What is the ordering process?

Once you find and click the "order now" button on the website, you will be redirected to the order. Next, you will need to fill in the fields to provide the author with information about your paper. At this point, the website will offer you various additional services, such as a $ 10 plagiarism report. Be careful not to add anything you don’t need in your shopping cart.

How do 1ws.com choose an author for me?

When placing an order, you can choose an experienced or top author. But, as we wrote above, they cost a lot more. Therefore, most likely, if you choose a regular author, the system automatically distributes your order among available low-level writers. If you have already placed an order here and know your author’s ID, you can enter it to get this writer again.

Is there customer support?

1ws.com customer support chat is available on the website, which rarely replies to messages. Sometimes you have to explain to the manager several times the essence of your question to get advice.

Can I contact my writer?

The company offers this option in your personal account. But when we sent our test order, we did not receive any response from the author. You may need to contact customer support to send your message.

What if I get a bad paper?

1ws.com claims that they return money to customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of the paper. But if you study the reviews, you will be convinced that more than half of the customers have quality complaints. And none of them writes that they were returned the money. That is why you should study the return policy to understand all the conditions. They have limited time. In addition, the company will first offer you free revisions and will review your paper for a long time. Therefore, it is better not to waste time and submit your essay on another website.

Is it possible to make some revisions?

Yes, they offer free revisions, but they make no sense. In fact, you do all the work of the author, since it is you who proofread the paper, select the list of errors and send it to the editor. In addition, this automatically means a delay in the deadline, because each revision takes time. This would be normal if these were isolated cases involving force majeure. But it seems like this is a common practice for this company.

Do they guarantee no-plagiarism papers?

On the one hand, they claim that you get to paper without plagiarism. On the other hand, a report on the absence of plagiarism costs $ 10. This means that you cannot be sure of it if you do not pay the money. Just imagine, you received a paper with plagiarism, but do not know about it, and deliver it to your professor. What a disgrace! Definitely, they should do it for free because of your reputation, and even your ability to continue your studies at this college or university is at stake.

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