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Best 78+ Informative Essay Topics

Best 78+ Informative Essay Topics

No matter your academic level, you will come across writing an informative essay in any educational institution. Most of all, students have difficulty choosing the best topics for informative essays or questions, problems. It takes a long time to select good informative essay topics, so we decided to simplify your task and have collected the best ideas for your essays. Our list of informative essay ideas includes simple and easy-to-understand topics and yet deserves top marks from your professor.

What is An Informative Essay?

An informative essay is a type of academic paper from which readers can draw useful information. The writer will have to explain the information in a form accessible to every person – to paraphrase complex scientific words, statements of authoritative people. Essentially, an informative essay is a detailed description of a complex topic.

How to Write an Informative Essay

To write an A+ essay, you need to have a step-by-step plan to keep you focused on the topic and not miss out on anything important. Don’t have time to create a step-by-step plan? Please do not despair, and we have compiled the basic steps you should follow in writing an essay.

Set aside Time for Pre-Writing

Before you start the writing process, there are several steps you must follow. This approach will help you enjoy easy writing in the future, and your final version of the essay will look thoughtful:

  • Carefully study the informational writing topics, questions, and problems.
  • Come up with goals that will make your article compelling.
  • Choose the main idea – what you created the essay for.
  • Conduct a brainstorming session to generate creative ideas for your content.
  • Find reliable sources that successfully support your thesis statement.
  • Create a logical and structured outline essay.

These steps will make the writing stage much easier, so don’t ignore them.

Informative Essay Structure – Main Parts

Like most other academic papers, an informative essay follows a standard formatting and five-paragraph structure:

  • Introduction – this part should hook the reader. As a hook, you can use statistics, examples, quotes, aphorisms. In the first paragraph, you must acquaint the reader with the topic and the article’s main idea.
  • Body – this part should consist of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain only one idea and proof so as not to confuse the reader.
  • Conclusion – this part should not contain new information. You can rephrase the thesis statement and indicate whether you were able to confirm it. Briefly summarize the basis of the evidence. End the essay with a call to action or a rhetorical question – this will give readers a long time to think about your topic.

Create an essay outline according to general structure, so your text will be easy to read. Thus, the mark will be higher.

Get Started Informative Essay Writing

When you already have informative essay topic ideas, a well-thought-out plan, enough evidence to support the ideas, you can start the writing process. We’ve divided it into several steps so that the writing process doesn’t look boring or too long.

Informative Essay Concluding – Final Steps

Here are a few steps you need to follow in your essay writing process:

  • Start your essay with an introduction – fill it with general information and leave all the basic ideas for the central part.
  • Make sure the introduction contains a clear and easily readable thesis statement.
  • Write your introductory paragraph in a talkative, narrative, academic style.
  • In the main paragraphs, envision evidence to support the ideas.
  • Create a one-paragraph conclusion that will summarize all the information and repeat your thesis statement.
  • Proofread and edit the article – there should be no grammatical, lexical, or punctuation errors.
  • Let your friends or parents read the article so that they can rate it and you can correct any bugs in the content.

Some students ignore these steps and usually fail the assignment. Don’t make such a mistake and write every paper according to the algorithm.

Ways Where to Get Informative Essay Ideas

You can get quality, fresh, light, affordable, simple informational essay topics in our article. The experts analyzed current issues and problems and compiled a list of informative essay topics that emphasize students’ individuality and non-standard thinking. If you don’t like our ideas, you can use the following techniques:

  • Meditation – the technique allows you to relax and generate new ideas.
  • Exercise – Your brain will be active and generate exciting ideas.
  • Listening to soothing music – choose music that inspires you to create something new.

These techniques will help you to stay calm and concentrated. At the same time, it is a good way to have a quick retreat and then continue the writing.

How To Choose Informative and Surprising Essay Topics?

Take time and patience to choose the right topic for your essay. The choice of theme is influenced by depth, breadth, and complexity. Your topic should interest the reader and you, so the writing process will be more straightforward. Statistically, students interested in the topic of the essay create good articles with high grades.

Successful Examples of Informative Essay Topics

Below you will find relevant topics to write an informative essay on that will surprise your reader. Expertly selected topics suitable for all academic levels.

Most Popular Informative Essay Topics

  1. Can handwriting define a person’s character?
  2. Is it possible to grow rice not on plantations but in greenhouses?
  3. Techniques and methods for relieving stress while studying.
  4. How to overcome poverty around the world?
  5. Can rich people be happy?
  6. Why does a poor lifestyle cause diseases?
  7. What role do young people play in shaping the economy?
  8. Can the modern and the old generation find a common language?
  9. Why has the coronavirus hit the offline business badly?
  10. Have apps made life easier for humanity?

Good Informative Essay Topics For High School

  1. Are pets friends or fun?
  2. How do vegetables and fruits affect a student’s health?
  3. How does fast food for dinner affect the stomach?
  4. Can humans stop global warming?
  5. Why do parents have problems raising children?
  6. Ways to improve the learning process.
  7. Legalization of weapons – pros and cons.
  8. Do teachers need to reduce their teaching load?
  9. Can artificial intelligence replace the teacher?
  10. How do spontaneous actions affect students’ lives?

Good Informative Essay Topics For College Students

  1. Do college students need sports?
  2. Research and laboratory work shapes the discipline of students.
  3. Should a college be concerned with the health of its students?
  4. Summer lessons are more interesting than autumn lessons.
  5. How many days per week should students take a break from their studies?
  6. Should college students go on summer vacations?
  7. The dress code has a positive effect on a student’s academic performance.
  8. Why are video games negatively affecting the brain?
  9. Skills required for college admission.
  10. Do college students need community programs?

Compare & Contrast Topics

  1. Significant differences between high school and college.
  2. Who are more successful – non-working or working students?
  3. What is the difference between British and American?
  4. Who has a more prosperous future: an educated person or a hardworking person?
  5. SAT vs. TOEFL.
  6. What is the difference between academic degrees: Doctor And Master.
  7. Which is better: distance education or face-to-face education?
  8. What is the difference between the words Nazim and Fascism?
  9. What affects the teeth worse: coffee or tea?
  10. What will suit a student for development: a city or a village?

Process Analysis Informative Essay Topics

  1. How to get rid of insomnia?
  2. How to make a birthday cake?
  3. How to overcome bad habits?
  4. How should you take care of your pets?
  5. How to wash linen clothes?
  6. How to remove tomato juice stains?
  7. How to remove moles in a photo?
  8. How to build a friendship at a distance?
  9. How to choose a phone for work?
  10. How to make a large pizza?

Personal Topics

  1. How did I overcome my fear of flying?
  2. My favorite place in the city.
  3. My best friend – how we met.
  4. A place that I would like to build in the future.
  5. My secrets to successful learning.
  6. Events that have influenced my life.
  7. My favorite childhood memory.
  8. My favorite season of the year.
  9. My biggest disappointment with people.
  10. How does money affect my life?

General Topics

  1. Why do students get depressed?
  2. How to stop domestic violence?
  3. Why is anorexia a killer disease?
  4. How can the world fight homelessness?
  5. Can racism be present in colleges?
  6. How to ensure cybersecurity without smart technology?
  7. Pregnancy in college: good or bad?
  8. Bullying in schools: how to stop it?
  9. Why is violence used in video games?
  10. Should students wear school uniforms?

Social Topics

  1. Has equality between men and women been successful?
  2. Do we need schools with gender identity?
  3. How does drug abuse affect society?
  4. What has the war in big cities led to?
  5. Should people adhere to the same faith?
  6. Why are students being bullied?
  7. How to end political corruption?
  8. Why is there racial discrimination in the 21st century?
  9. The 2020 pandemic has raised the unemployment rate.
  10. What will the abuse of children lead to?

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